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Alex Camp - 'La La'

Alex Camp has just released a new album titled PARALLAX . The album boast 17 tracks and took over a year to complete. He creates his music along with his two brothers who live in other cities - great talent has no boundaries.

Originally from Central Illinois, Alex moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue his career and currently works at HITRECORD. Off the album, his single " La La" is a feel-good hit that will elevate your mood and catch your ear.

“La La” commences with a fresh, atmospheric synth, water sound. The sound portrays the refreshing nature of a new relationship with an ocean vibe.

"Got you in my, my sights / She’s dressed like the ocean vibes / Taste a mango. / I happen to go crazy 'bout you."

The instrument/beat track uses xylophone synths, melodic synths, and heavy bass; light drums create an inventive trap sound. Alex’s song has a similar style to the Ylvis, the brother duo, and Donald Glover. Alex has an unconventional rap signature that makes him above par and engaging. His use of synth instruments and booming bass with reverb is superb. The production is locked in, with clean sounds. The lyrics are breezy and fun. Background vocals are well placed and add to the catchy tune. “La La” has good production with Ryan Camp as co-producer.

The song describes his fun and adventurous life on the Coast of Southern California. He raps about a beautiful woman, his friends, party life, and the hustle of being a rapper.

The video below is a preview for the album, opening with La La.

In the chorus section he raps, "Been in LA LA Seven years but now I'm thinking about something else. Looking forward to the next adventure.” His flow is similar to Donald Glover because he sings and raps, which adds intensity and interest to the lyrics. Alex has great rhythm techniques using accentuation and staccato to form a rhythmic rap tapestry.

There are many rappers in the music industry that create trap, but Alex Camp brings an interesting approach in his style. His beats are funky, in sync, and keep you intrigued. He stays true to the style, which is a story based on lifestyle and struggles so he is authentic. His unconventional rap has a good flow; it is relatable and gets you hyped and hooked. In La La, there is no doubt that Alex Camp's funky and unique style makes for one feel-good and fun tune that will appeal to a universal audience.

For more information, visit Alex Camp's website

Listen on Spotify Available on Apple Music and most major digital outlets.


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