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  • Bryon Harris

AJ Mamba - 'This is 30'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

AJ Mamba’s new rap song “This is 30” is honest and profound. Producer and engineer Thomas Jay created a catchy hip-hop backbeat to AJ Mamba’s introspective lyrics. A lo-fi jazzy loop sets the stage with a bombastic timbre. A tight bass groove gets you feeling the rhythm while the sparse percussion accents it's moving phrases. The gritty sound of sampled keys/synth are what take the forefront of the instrumental with pulsing chords that lead into melodic runs that are spread across the stereo image. The production on this track is energetic, yet sits back in the mix allowing for AJ's fire lyrical flow to take the spotlight.

“This is 30” is a raw account of the past 30 years of AJ Mamba’s life. The future is filled with so many opportunities and people pulling you in multiple directions. People will always try to tell you how you should live your life. Your future is in your hands, and you determine what you want to do with it. AJ Mamba’s message is about knowing yourself and finally being comfortable with who you are. At age 30, it is clear that AJ has arrived. At a certain point in your life, you’re over the lies, and you have to live a life that's authentic. As AJ Mamba raps,

“I guess this life was fate

30 years of being told that you’re not really black

30 years of stuck-up bitches claiming that your wack

30 years of being iller than they ever thought

They blast my shit on rooftops cuz 88 is back

Multi-talented legend just blending in the back

Now tell me who is wack

I hit em with a stupid flow and give em heart attacks.”

AJ Mamba is a passionate rap artist with a dynamic and intense musical style. His rap style is fiery and is his lyrical delivery is straightforward packing a punch. AJ knows how to relate to his audience and gives a captivating performance. “This is 30” provides an introspective look at a man’s life of 30 years. He is unapologetic of his mistakes and owns his success. AJ Mamba eloquently tells you who is, and you will become enthralled by his story and his music.

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About AJ Mamba

AJ Mamba is an hip-hop lyricist, content creator, wrestling personality and actor based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a Bachelor's in Theater Studies from Montclair State University. He is currently signed to Estabrook Road Records, with his 1st EP under the label scheduled for release late January 2021. AJ Mamba has been creating hip-hop music since 2010, but only started gaining momentum in 2017, when he started going to Rotation Records to have his music produced professionally. Regardless, AJ kept quiet on his musical exploits until 2020, releasing music for the first time, publicly. He is now looking at 2021 to be a year where he releases a huge backlog of music under his record label. As an actor, AJ Mamba has performed in over 300 productions, mostly in theater under the stage name AJ Dwayne. AJ Mamba is also the co-owner of Loud Stone Entertainment, a web-based entertainment company that produces podcasts, as well as video game, wrestling & anime related content on YouTube primarily.

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