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  • Bryon Harris

Agat - 'I Can Handle It'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“I Can Handle It,” from Agat's debut album, New Under the Sun, begins with AGAT’s vocals and a kick drum pounding out 8th notes. However, even with such a minimalist arrangement, the song immediately hits the listener with all kinds of emotion. The kick drum brings about suspense and anticipation to the listener as it resembles a rapid heartbeat, and AGAT’s reverb-less vocal is upfront and intimate with the listener.

As the song progresses, layers of electronic sounds, percussive elements, and background vocals are added, alternating between additive and subtractive orchestration, which builds the emotional roller-coaster that the listener is on.

The lyrics in “I Can Handle It” are about how relationships can be destructive if one person depends on the other two much. AGAT sings about how “this will end up as a tragedy if you think I’m some kind of remedy.” Lyrics such as “I don’t wanna be waited on” and “I don’t need you here to cradle me” reinforce the message behind the lyrics.

“I Can Handle It” by AGAT is a creative and expressive song. Everything about this song, from the writing, to the production, and to the performance is unique and extraordinary. With this song, AGAT has succeeded as an artist in bringing out as much emotion as possible, out of herself and her listeners, while presenting a deep and interesting piece of music.


About Agat

Agat incorporates a mesmerizing blend of computerized analog, resounding bass, electronic motifs, and seductive vocals for a unique sound. The release of her debut album, New Under the Sun (March 2020), following the success of three singles, has garnished interviews and articles with major magazines and networks. Agat has performed for “Keshet” TV under "Mako" news. Her latest single release was accompanied with a music video filmed and produced by Alon Daniel, Winner of “best music video” category in London “Gold Movie Award 2018". Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Agat was invited to play in the “Richmond International Film and Music Festival” in Virginia, one of the largest international film and music festivals in the Mid-Atlantic and will be performing in festivals throughout Europe this summer.

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