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Aditi Sri - 'Like You Do'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Like You Do” by Aditi Sri is an electrifying track full of catchy hooks, lively synths, and thrilling breakdowns. The lyrics and instrumentals build with vivid energy, making this song an all-around radio-ready hit.

“Like You Do” opens into bright, captivating arrangement reminiscent of early 2010s electronic dance mixed with the catchy rhythms of modern pop. A muted, punchy bass drum lays the foundation for a driving synth bass and buoyant arpeggiating synth lines, each layer adding more tension to the building track. Aditi Sri’s voice cuts through the mix with perfect pop spirit, her tone full and expressive with an edge of attitude. The vocals are made even more striking with layers of backups, the harmonies almost merging with the lead to create an effect that almost sounds synthesized. This medley of harmonies highlights Aditi Sri’s voice as she sings with exhilaration:

“You got that pure pick me up

Can’t get enough, energy that I like

This attraction give me chills inside

Can’t even maintain my pride”

Further building on the excitement of the song is the wide range of contrasting rhythms that Aditi Sri incorporates in her melodies. The pre-chorus rhythms are a hook in and of themselves, driving the song forward with a unique groove that you can’t help but sing along to.

These lyrical hooks lead us into the chorus, which explodes with energy after so much suspense within the verse and pre-chorus. Soaring into a higher register, Aditi sings with a burst of newfound enthusiasm, the instrumentals opening up to match her euphoric tone. This animated arrangement mirrors the message of “Like You Do”, and the melody carves out the thrill of the lyrics as Aditi sings:

“When I think about you

Can’t help but forget about the rest

Baby I only got eyes for you

No one can make me feel

Like you do…”

“Like You Do” is a rush of excitement, with electrifyingly catchy melodies and a bright arrangement. Aditi Sri’s captivating voice and thrilling track will undoubtedly charm listeners into putting this energetic dance track on repeat for days.

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About Aditi Sri Aditi Sri is an actor and singer who started singing at the age of 4 and performing from age 5 . She is the first Indian American signed with SM1 Sony Music Group Record Label. She has performed over 100 concerts and has released two Hollywood singles and her third single was released on May 21 st 2019. Her fourth single "Unbreakable" was recorded at World Renowned Paramount Recording Studio currently we are working on a collaboration Aditi has been selected for IPOP Convention to be held at Los Angles from July 4th to July 11th. Out of 1500 Kids only 5 kids were selected, and she is the only Indian singer selected so far. 2011 Spring Charity Ball, ICC Milpitas Bollywood Celebrity Preity Zinta 2012 Live Music Concert with Bollywood celebrity Singer Arvinder Singh 2013 Bollywood Celebrity Lucky Ali 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Multiple Fund raising Live Music Concert hosted by IFFER, and FIA 2015 with Bollywood Celebrity Singer Kailash Kher for DSET School Fund Raising 2016 Star Dust Style Statement Award Show Multiple live music concert in Bay Area Los Angles New-jersey 2016 East West Musical Jam Live Music Concert to release On Your Own fund raising Sankara Eye Foundation to build Eye Hospital 2017 East West Musical Jam Aditi Sri Live Music Concert to release Hollywood Single Multiple Fund Raising concert for Napa Valley Fire Homeless 2018 East West Musical Jam Aditi Sri live music Mega concert 2019 East West Musical Jam Aditi Sri Live Concert IFFER Multiple Concert FOG Newyear Eve 2020 IFFER Valentine Bash Bollywood Events Valentine show

For more information about Aditi, please visit her website!


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