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  • Bryon Harris

Abraham - 'Stay With Me'

"Stay With Me" is the debut single by Abraham, in advance of their full-length album. After ditching a record deal that held him back, lead singer and band founder, Scott Abraham, is able to reach the artistic skies he was born to fly in. "Stay With Me" opens with mid-tempo arpeggios, with slight embellishments, on single chords on each downbeat. There’s a light syncopation as each chord reveals its own color. The guitar strings are bright and clear, and mood is mellow and contemplative. The intro draws you into a love story of indecision, inner conflict without a clear resolution.

As the bass drops and light percussion is added, Abraham commences the first verse.

“Sleepless nights made me a daydreamer. ‘Cause I can’t find what I’m searching for here. Chasing after runaways, with brick shoes and lost in fantasy, with everything to lose. She waits with her patient arms. Oh and says, “Stay with me.”

Abraham’s voice is incredible. With a high tenor range, pure and clean tone, he easily stands toe to toe with today’s best charting singers. His vocal presentation is full of nuance and expression. He builds the tension of the chorus, which is sung in a higher register, on the words “Stay with me.” Here his vocals soar without pushing. By the end of the song, Abrahams voice delivers an emotional punch that “stays with you" for a long time as he captures the inner torture of indecision, pressure for commitment, and conflicting desires.

As the song unfolds, listeners will be pleased that Abraham steers clear from cookie-cutter formulas. The arrangement develops from the guitar’s perspective as the groove is enhanced with harmonic richness and rhythmic accentuations. The percussion gets more intense. By the time the second chorus comes around, a full indie-rock sound is achieved. A bridge section highlights Abraham’s advanced songwriting skill set as he turns a musical corner. An unexpected tasteful keyboard solo seals the deal on this band’s creativity. This is not color- by-the- numbers music - this is art.

From the perspective of two lovers, “Stay With Me” captures a dual set of emotions. One perspective is from the person who is frozen with indecision and the weight of consequences. Does he stay with her or pursue his fantasies? The other perspective is from a woman who wants him to stay, even though he is not meeting her needs. The ending is not revealed, leaving the listener without resolution as the song fades out.

There is so much substance to “Stay With Me” that multiple listens will never feel old. If you stumble upon Abraham, you will find a band that opens your ears and your gut with music that is art – not said too often, when music reaches this level, and still hits universal and emotional chords, something exceptional has been achieved. “Stay With Me" is a song about indecision, but if you desire great music, then you will not hesitate to stay with Abraham on their exceptional musical journey.

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About Abraham

After years of being repressed by a record deal gone wrong, Abraham is back with an independently released single in advance of a full length album. A mix of Kings of Leon, Coldplay, and a hint of classic rock, Abraham, fronted by Scott Abraham, is determined to bring back the essence of the rock trailblazers who inspired and influenced his sound. Prior to pursuing a career as an artist himself, Abraham had a successful career as a full-time musician, both in original bands and as a session guitarist. He has toured internationally and has performed for or opened for Taylor Swift, Willy Nelson, Better Than Ezra, Sister Hazel, and more. Most recently Abraham was a featured on Greyson Chance’s 2019 album release “Portraits”.

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