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  • Bryon Harris

Abijah - 'Global Wilderness'

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Global Wilderness” is such a beautifully vivid song, it belongs in a movie. As the song opens, I can see a montage of a city, cars stuck in traffic, and people looking grumpy while walking in the street. There is such a unique blend of acoustic and synthetic instruments, it’s truly born from these modern times. Further reflecting this is the sense of tragedy in the lyrics and harmony. Abijah wants us to love one another and save the earth, but he sees all the atrocities that keep on happening every single day.

The lyrics also lend themselves to the cinematic atmosphere. The song would serve as a fantastic theme for a movie while the opening credits play and the setting of the film are introduced. Abijah has created such a confident and abundant mood and the lyrics are a huge part of that. “Imminent in destruction, building drones and nuclear bombs, developing metallurgy”. There is a prevalent sense of bleakness in the lyrics that will open up your mind to the modern struggle of survival.

The arrangement is wonderfully balanced, and it creates such a unique atmosphere. The groove is held down for the entire song by a bass guitar, acoustic strumming, and light percussion. Having the groove repeated over and over lends itself to what is known as “underscore” in film music. It creates a more passive experience for the listener and allows it to be aptly combined with visuals to create a huge impact on the viewer/listener. Abijah’s vocals are so delicate and expressive. Sometimes his voice crackles and pops and it’s so powerful, you can feel the pain he is experiencing as he looks out onto the world. “Global Wilderness” is a song that will inspire you to be kind to yourself, your fellow man, and our collective home called Earth.


About Abijah

Abijah whose real name is Andrew Smith was born in Kingston Jamaica to a mother who was a Christian and a father who was a Rastafari and member of the Mystic Revelation Band. As a gifted songwriter, performer, and musician, Abijah went on to win The Caribbean Music Expo CME Award in the year 2000 with his new Single "Revelation" He was the face of The Jamaica tourism board and The Jamaica Peace Ambassador tour that have him speak at several Universities including Oxford, Harvard and the University of the West Indies Among his songs are: "Where Is That Love, Press On and Overcome feature, Kevin Campbell. His May 2020 Released Single "Global Wilderness" written by Ethan Johnson is written like a Novel Movie soundtrack. You can find Abijah @abijah_music and

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