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Abijah- Global Wildernes


Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

Music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society. Sharing songs about peace and social justice, ultimately reminds the world of the importance of peace, fairness, love and unity. Abijah's song "Global Wilderness" is one of the amazing songs that will be featured on BWH Music Group and World National Indie Radio (WNIR) 'Songs For Change' radio special during the month of November.

“Global Wilderness” is an amazingly peaceful song which is simultaneously energizing. Soft, spiritual textures are layered together underneath an intense, enchanting vocal. A minimalist percussion track and a clean bass tone compliment a rhythmic acoustic guitar. Throughout the song there is a spacious chord “pad” which creates a heavenly feeling. The combination of the earthy rhythm section and the airy chordal pad is very fresh and inviting. This is a song that immediately occupies its own space.

Lyrically, “Global Wilderness” is a meditation on the dangers of today’s political and intercultural landscapes: “Where have all the love gone, The hearts of man have gone cold, Whose ganna greet you, When there's no one beside you A Global Wilderness.” The warnings are stark and severe: “Imminent in destruction, Building Drones and nuclear bombs, Developing metallurgy, Just to build nuclear technology.” At the same time, however, the peaceful feeling of the song is never lost. Taken in conjunction with the lyrics, the listener feels a sense of determination toward positive change.

“Global Wilderness” is a song that is secure in its identity. Like some kind of magic trick, this song continuously refines an emotional tone which is fresh and original. Interesting layers like guitar melodies, saxophone fills, and massive back-up vocals continually up the ante. Still, the lead vocal steals the show.

Abijah shows mastery over his vocals on this track, drawing listeners in and taking them to new heights during intense passages. Taken as a whole, “Global Wilderness” has so much to offer, and results in a moving piece of music.

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About Abijah

Abijah whose real name is Andrew Smith was born in Kingston Jamaica from a mother who was a Christian and a father who was a Rastafari and member of the Mystic Revelation Band. As a gifted Songwriter, performer and musissian, Abijah went on to win The Caribbean Music Expo CME Award in year 2000 with his new Single "Revelation" He was the face of The Jamaica tourism board and The Jamaica Peace Ambassador tour that have him speak at several Universities including: Oxford, Harvard and the university of the West Indies Among his songs are: "Where Is That Love, Press On and Overcome feature Kevin Campbell. His May 2020 Released Single "Global Wilderness" written by Ethan Johnson is written like a Novel Movie soundtrack. You can find Abijah @abijah_music and


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