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  • Bryon Harris

A Permanent Shadow - 'Empty'

The Bacelona based band, A Permanent Shadow, has released their debut album ‘Songs of Loss.’ As the name implies, the songs explores the darker side of the human experience. Through ten songs, CP Fletcher (along with a rotating band of talented musicians and producers) embarks upon a musical journey based on his personal life experiences and fictitious stories. Off the album, the single "Empty" is a great way to get acquainted with the polished-punk-pop and engagingly electronic sounds of A Permanent Shadow.

An intense synth drone commences “Empty.” Crisp and sharp electronic beats solidify the tempo with syncopated accents on the upbeat. Soon a distinct melody cuts through the synth landscape creating an infectious punk-pop groove. As the song progresses, stark piano chords produce a melancholy vibe with long-held whole notes. Percussive claps are added for a nice touch. The song moves forward, driving to the chorus which pops off the track with thick synth riffs that vibrate your soul before returning to the verse where the backdrop thins again to allow CP’s voice to take center stage.

CP enters singing the first verse, “You said yes when I said no. You said stop when I said go. You needed space when I wanted time. You called yours all that was mine.” CP’s voice is reminiscent of artists like David Bowe with a clear and articulate voice-forward approach that is pure, punk, and polished. His vocal presentation has just the right combination of subdued emotion and edge. His sound is refined and refreshing as he utilizes restraint and nuance to deliver each line.

The energetic chorus repeats the word “empty” (four times) with a full sound that will lift you off your feet and spin you around until the next verse commences. Lyrically, clever turns of phrase capture the imagination and paint a vivid picture. “You flew into the sun while I was on the moon. You were a pain in the ass, but you’re gone too soon.”

Ultimately, “Empty” is about discovering there is nothing left between two people. It is the space between the end and finally letting go. Despite the lack of common ground, together felt better than being alone. The song ends with CP sliding from a tenor tone into a baritone tone for a darker and more final edge as he sings “Empty – no common ground. Lost and found.”

In “Empty”, A Permanent Shadow dives into a world of love and loss with an energetic track that you can dive into, spin around, jump up and down, and crash back down. With engaging electronic instrumentation from beginning to end and a stellar punk-pop vocal performance, "Empty" is very full of great music.

For more information on A Permanent Shadow, please visit their website.

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