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3Mind Blight - 'Breaking Down'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Hailing from Tulsa Oklahoma, 3Mind Blight's early beginnings were influenced by the late 90'sh Boom Bap Rap and Grunge Rock music scene which paved the way for his rock / hip hop vibe. After leading several bands, and many production teams, what started as a hobby became a full time music career in production, instrumentation, and artistry. 3Mnd Blight is also the front man for the Alt Rock band DeadEyeChokeHold under the 3Mind Blight Label.

A great way to get acquainted with 3Mind Blight's talent is to listen to his new single, "Breaking Down." The song opens with a short rapid-fire, riffle percussive pattern followed by a fuzzy power-chord driven metal groove. The grinding guitar riff is thick with distortion and darkness. For the first five seconds, you might think you are hearing a 90's inspired heavy metal song, but just around the corner awaits the surprising vocal entrance of 3Mind Blight to change up the game. Catching you off guard, 3Mind Blight enters with a rock-rap vocal. "I can not say what I feel, because people will think I'm real sick in the head from what I just said."

But don't get too comfortable, because when the mind is falling, it never rests in one place and neither does this track. 3Mind Blind keeps your ears locked in and on the edge of their mind's seat with an ever-changing and engaging performance that goes from rock rap to rage rock to poltergeist guttural screaming and he does this with seamless musicianship and the utmost creativity. There is never a dull moment on this high intensity ride.

As the groove grinds forward through a thick wall of darkness erupting with bursts of guitar riffs and percussive hits, the song hits it's most emotional moment. 3Mind Blind sings, "We all break down sometimes. It's okay to slowly lose your mind, to slip away. Here, the change is dramatic as the track subsides to a softer vocal accompanied by solo piano before returning to the mental anguish.

"Breaking Down" is about having a momentary psychological crisis. The song expresses the raw and intense feelings associated with a mental breakdown through revealing lyrics that rip the band-aid off losing your mind set to a track that travels fervently through a whirlwind of emotions utilizing the most intense elements of rap and rock to keep it real.

"Breaking Down" is a powerful and riveting piece of music that showcases 3Mind Blight's ability to dig deep as he honestly explores both the inner beast and the inner beauty of the human struggle to hold onto one's sanity. With mental health awareness month coming in May, "Breaking Down" is a memorable music achievement that won't slip your mind anytime soon.

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