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32AD - 'Many Afflictions'

Review by Abby Kenna

32AD establishes the melancholy feel of “Many Afflictions” immediately with a moody, emo inspired guitar riff that grabs you from the get go. Doubled and laden with reverb, the arpeggiating melodies are both dark and inspiring. Then, the march-like drum beat layers in, adding a level of urgency to the song’s feel.

The arrangement style of “Many Afflictions” is adjacent to that of Radiohead, wherein the body of the song is made up of many, well-conceived interwoven instrumental parts. While the previous guitars cycle through their progression, an electric guitar melody layers in overtop, growling with overdrive, giving the arrangement a very fluid feel. It’s like the shifting currents of the ocean, different tiers of melodies intertwine to create an awe-inspiring flood of sound.

The vocals are impassioned, tinged with the rasp of someone who has faced many trials of their own, but blossoming with the clear tone of one who has gotten through to the other side of these afflictions. These qualities further the emotional, yet reassuring nature of “Many Afflictions”. It feels like advice from a dear friend, someone who understands you and wants to see you through dark times.

“With little faith a trial is never small / to know nothing at all…”

In the pre-chorus, the overdriven guitar solo comes back, now matching the melody of the hook line allowing these separate musical components to fall into step with one another. The chorus introduces a new peak of urgency through a fresh arrangement. The guitar switches to a bold, rhythmic progression, driving the song forward with picked chords. Contrastingly, the bass waterfalls beneath this rhythmic section, constantly moving and flowing. These polar components compliment each other beautifully, and allow the important message within the vocals to stand out.

“The righteous will have trials and miseries / yet have the victories…”

32AD has created a passionate rock song, burning with heartfelt lyricism and expressive instrumental arrangements. Based on a single verse from Psalm 34, at verse 19, “Many Afflictions” is a must-listen for anyone struggling with their own trials, as it offers strength and spirit through its words and music.


About 32AD

In this dark world, good rock-n-roll should provide a positive, enlightening, or revealing message. 32AD believes music should help people rise above their circumstances.

32AD is an independent and self-produced American Rock band/singer-songwriter from the Inland Empire of Southern California. Genres include Rock, Metal, and CCM with an authentic rock style delivery.

The vocals always carry an insightful message, as we would rather equip people. Join us in edifying listeners with a better message. 32AD believes music should help people overcome the world.


For more information on 32AD, please visit their website.

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