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308 Ghost Train - 'Santa Bought A Yacht'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Hold on to your Christmas hats, because 308 Ghost Train comes crashing through the waves on a high-speed luxury boat with "Santa Bought A Yacht." An original, catchy new tune to add to your holiday playlist, “Santa Bought a Yacht” explores the exciting energy that comes natural to this band, creating fluid, electrifying moments at every turn.

Every instrumental part provides passionate music to support the bold, robust vocals: the keys create bluesy runs all over the song, the guitar whips up groovy fills, and the bass and drums maintain the song’s intensity.

The musical finesse of the band doesn’t stop there. “Santa Bought a Yacht” uses classic sleigh bells to keep a high-octane beat across the choruses, and employs an uplifting key change to enter the second chorus and compel the listener to sing along.

Lyrically, 308 Ghost Train does not disappoint. There’s nothing more entertaining than listening to a Rock n’ Roll depiction of a humanistic Santa Claus breaking free of his traditional duties to go live a little bit. We can all relate to that feeling. The song also pokes fun at Amazon who is putting poor Santa out of business.

“I said, Santa, watcha gonna do? / He put off his Ray Ban’s and looked at a bikini or two.”

Santa Bought A Yacht was produced by Anthony "TRAIN" Caruso and Chip Martin It was written by A Caruso J McCall and B Warren.

308 Ghost Train’s “Santa Bought a Yacht” will fill your holiday season with fun and your Christmas stockings with stellar musicianship. 308 Ghost Train is a dynamic group who has demonstrated their ability to create hilarious, catchy lyrics while overwhelming their listeners with exceptional musicianship and passion. I for one will be tuning into this merry classic tune as the days get colder; relying on 308 Ghost Train to keep the holidays groovy.


About 308 Ghost Train

308 GHOST TRAIN is the stage name for singer-songwriter Anthony “Train” Caruso. A gifted and charismatic artist from Cortez, Florida, Train merges his love of classic rock with melodies and rhythms that are energetically infectious, and lyrics that define the human experience promoting unity, positivity, inspiration, spirituality, and patriotism.

“My purpose is to deliver messages given to me,through songs. I hope that all will find what they need through the love and hope in those words.”

Born In The Wild, the latest 2019 debut EP release from 308 Ghost Train, features the singles “21 Guns and a Million Tears”, “Worn”, and the Top Ten singles “I’ll Unbreak Your Heart” and “This Is My Home”.

John 3:08, the Scripture that Train especially connects with in choosing his "artist name", describes the Spirit as being like the wind – flowing where it wants and where it is needed. Train feels that The Ghost (the Holy Spirit) is moving him on this musical journey, wanting Train to move his listeners with the music and messages he brings to them.

Drawing comparisons to Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and John Mellencamp, Train is an electrifying front man capable of creating an immediate bond with an audience, authentically communicating emotions to his fans.

“My passion for being the vehicle for songs from a divine force is the most humbling and honorable gift in the world.”

For more information on 308 Ghost Train, please visit their website.

Listen on Spotify.


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