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Wachman - 'All I Need'

An acoustic guitar with delicate arpeggios creates an engaging texture in the opening of "All I Need," written by Wachman. Wachman enters on the first verse over the intricate acoustic pattern, "Strike me like a ray of sun, then turn around and watch me burn. I’d kill to feel your light again, I’m the moth drawn to your flame." Wachman's voice is clear, warm and inviting. His vocal presentation has all the tiny nooks and crannies of emotion that stir the soul along with a soaring passion that puts shivers on your skin as he easily masters a full dynamic range. As "All I Need" develops, a colorful and well-conceived musical landscape unfolds. Light percussion enters on the second verse building to the chorus. Musical word painting is cleverly added on the synth. When Wachman sings, "I'm a moth drawn to your flame," the music swells as if headed towards a light. Wachman's attention to every musical nuance showcases his talent as a composer and songwriter. The chorus pops off the record with passionate vocals. "But you always say oooooo ,I know just what to do , but it never comes true but , you’re all I need, the air I breathe​." You can easily catch the chorus and sing along on the ooooo's which fill the song with light. A bridge section changes gears with intensity. A deep cello line enters. At the end, the song fades out softly on the chorus.

Check out the preview video to "All I Need" on Spotify.

"All I Need" is about what makes us feel fulfilled and whole. It could be about a lover, a passion, a calling, or a feeling. It's about tenacity and not giving up on what makes you feel alive. Wachman compares this universal feeling to the air he breathes. "Holding on ,I refuse to leave , not choosing you, but you who’s chosen me." It also about the elated feeling achieved when you reach your goals. "I always had the vision, just couldn’t open up my eyes, and now everyday I’m winning, winning, winning."

In "All I Need," Wachman explores what lives in the heart, along with the desire to hold onto it and thrive, and he does so by giving every detail of his music (from the lyrics to the arrangement to the performance), his whole soul, and the end-result is what the song lyrics hopes for - true success as an artist.

About Wachman:

Keeping it cool, but not afraid to say what’s on his mind, Orange County native Wachman creates an honest and authentic style of music connecting classic singer/songwriter with soulful vibes. Wachman released 9 tracks in sets of 3 in the beginning of 2018 titling his collections: “Six String Stories,” “Love/Lack Thereof,” and “Indigo.” He is now releasing monthly singles in preparation for his album “Unamused”. Through these collections of originals and covers, the Berklee College of Music graduate pulls from his early influences combined with the fusion of pop, soul, and singer/songwriter stylings.

For more information on Wachman, please visit his website.

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