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  • Bryon Harris

Echoheart - 'Void'

Echoheart is an up-and-coming two-piece pop-rock band from Rockville, Maryland. The duo consists of two young twenty-something musicians: Marina Heathon on guitar and vocals and Pablo Hannan on drums. Marina and Pablo may be young, but the band, having started in 2015, is past their initial growth phase and reaping the benefits of an established act. Known for their relentless work ethic, they are continuously adding to their musical arsenal putting out EPs, singles, and music videos. Determined to share their music and connect with fans, the band books their own tours from coast to coast. They are known for their high-energy shows and personable stage presence.

"Void" starts with clear and clean guitar strums on beats 1 and 3 which provide a foundation for Marina’s stylish vocals. “I feel like yesterday it was June 2 o’clock in the afternoon I slept in too late, and the very next day November came too soon.”

During the first verse, there is a quality to Marina’s voice that is part-story-telling and part-singing as she presents free-style vocals over the sparse acoustic backdrop. After the first verse, the texture thickens with a bass groove and percussion. The bass sounds like melodic counterpoint to her vocal lines. The chorus bursts from the sparse landscape with a dramatic increase in percussive tempo and fast strumming rhythm guitar. A music word-paining of sorts is happening, taking the listener from a contemplative mood to a more upbeat place of resiliency. “But one by one, I’ll come undone. I’ll fill this void with words and noise.” This line is followed by some good old “woahs” that will have you singing along. Marina showcases her vocal abilities on the chorus with passion and colorful expression matching her creativity and stage-ready purple hair. She is a singer who gives it her all and doesn't hold back, making her performance tremendously engaging. Vocal weaving adds nicely to the texture.

The video to "Void" is pure fun. Check it out:

Lyrically, "Void" delivers with great lines like "Now the days go so slow, and I feel so alone. And I have is my voice and these bones, I drag them to work, no matter what hurts." The song is about getting through the inevitable down times by filling the little spaces of emptiness with big pieces of life.

In "Void" Marina and Pablo take you from a contemplative place of thoughtful lyrics and mesmerizing singing to an inviting party of sound that you will want to join.

For more information on Echoheart, please visit their website.

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