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  • Bryon Harris

Old Brave Souls - 'I Want You Bad'

Off their debut album, Fields Like Yesterday, the new single, “I Want You Bad” is a great way to get acquainted with the catchy, eminently likable songs of Old Brave Souls, an indie-pop/rock band made up of brothers Nick and Luke Yoder.

A bouncy acoustic guitar with light and tight, upbeat percussion commence the track’s nice groove. A tasteful guitar lead paves the entrance, through the mix, picking up on the song’s main melody, introducing listeners to the song's ear-catching tune. Right from the start, the infectious melodies stick with you. The melody gets in your head - in a feel-good way - that will have you humming along even after the song has ended. There’s a positive vibe coupled with a sincere wistfulness that is captured perfectly in the songs' composition.

Nick enters singing, “Your mind goes on for months, yeah your heart goes on for miles. You fly around my world like a rocket ship. It comes crashing down. But if I knew what I know now, I'd still follow you right into the sun. I want you bad.” Nick’s subdued and pleasing vocal performance adds to the overall sincerity of the lyrics with an inviting tone. Nick stays away from sounding salty or bitter. Instead, his vocals yield an authentic desire to rekindle a lost love without vocal angst which suits the song's indie vibe very well. The lyrics are peppered with a bit of unapologetic, self-realization that keep things real. The effect is enormously genuine and easy to relate to.

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Towards the end the song, a slight shift to a bridge section drives the energy forward. “If you don't want me to write That's fine, I won't. I still want you tonight. I'm out of my mind I know, but if you want to go, I still want you to know, I want you bad.” Here the track picks up a bit and Nick has a some fun with the vocals, cutting loose.

In “I Want You Bad” Old Brave Souls have captured the universal feeling of wanting a person back after a relationship has ended and they have done so in best way possible, with great composition, musicianship and vocals set to lyrics that explore unrequited love with a sense of lightness and honesty. "I Want You Bad" is an indie-pop/rock gem with universal appeal.


About Old Brave Souls

Two brothers, Nick and Luke Yoder, make up the indie-rock duo Old Brave Souls. Officially coming together just over two years, Nick and Luke seemed destined to write music together. After some time apart, Nick moved back to the family farm in Charleston, SC, where Luke and the rest of the family would eventually join him. The brothers built a studio in an old horse barn by a field and started recording an album.

Originally from Cumberland, MD, Nick and Luke were both active in the Western Maryland music scene in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Nick was the drummer for Grill Body Five, a pop-punk band and Luke was a vocalist in Midnight:30 and Plan B, two Hip-Hop groups. Today, Old Brave Souls are focused to putting out great music and sharing it around the world.

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