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  • Bryon Harris

Anana Kaye - 'Down The Ladder'

Off their latest album, Detour, Anana Kaye's song "Down The Ladder" is a great introduction to this duo's immense talent and unique sound. Commencing with energetic and engaging piano, “Down the Ladder” is instantly riveting. A quirky, and purposefully rhythmic disjointedness, created by wonderful syncopation, will put you on the edge of your musical seat.

At the drop of the beat, Anana sings, “You've got nowhere to hide, it doesn't matter, They’ll get you anyway. Pray, but you’ll be denied, why do you chatter? It’s sad but, Hey!” Instantly, Anana’s vocals are mesmerizing. She is an artist who is acutely aware of every vocal nuance and expression that makes this song great. Her edgy voice has an impressive technical and emotional range that stands-out in today’s indie scene, grabs your attention, and holds you there, on every last note like a musical magnet.

The progression of the lyrics demonstrates the song’s sense of poetic urgency. The catchy chorus appears differently every time you hear it. "They’ll take you down the ladder, down the ladder, down..” changes to “They’ll drag you down the ladder, down the ladder, down…then to "You’re going down the ladder, down the ladder, down.”

As the song progresses, the compelling arrangement marches forward capturing a downward spiral of desperation with tasteful, searing guitar fills and hard-pounding drums that, in the end, come to a grinding halt depicting an ultimate fall to the bottom. There's a thrilling theatrical vibe to the song as the music itself paints a picture of one soul's struggle to keep above water in a world that pulls you under it's tide of insanity. "When every raindrop burns and stings they’ll drag you down the ladder."

The song is accompanied by self-directed Avant-garde music video. Shot at various locations in their native Republic of Georgia, the X-Ray effect format was chosen for it's visual impact that matches the song's emotional depth and starkness. Please take a moment to watch the video of "Down the Ladder."

Anana Kaye's "Down the Ladder" will take your mind and your ears down a ladder of intense musical artistry dropping you at the song's ending, where you will want to climb up and hear more of this duo's creative and original music.


About Anana Kaye Anana Kaye is a Nashville-based Indie Alt-Americana Duo. Hailing from the ancient country of Georgia (Not the state, but the country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia). With influences including Kate Bush, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and David Bowie their music is genre bending, creative, clever, artistic, poetic and moving.

Their first EP, “Sentient” came out in 2016, featuring Anana’s mesmerizing voice and her masterful keyboards, along with Irakli’s left-of-center approach to guitar. The duo collaborated with songwriters Freddie Stevenson and Mike Scott of The Waterboys. Their second record "Detour" was released on August 2nd 2019, diving deeper into the topics that make us human in the chaotic world around us, exploring themes of alienation and depression with an intensity from the couple’s spellbinding music married to imaginative lyrics about resiliency in a hard world.

For more information about Anana Kaye, please visit their website.

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