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Austin Mulka - 'Soul'

Austin Mulka's single “Soul” is a moving mid-tempo pop-rock ballad that offers great songwriting with a contagious hook. The musical foundation of soul is a combination of rhythm and lead guitars, bass, and crisp percussion work – all wrapped up in solid production. Austin is at the center of the song’s creation as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

The highlight “Soul” is found in the lyrics and hook. “I don’t want your body, I just want your soul and I couldn’t wish upon a star for any more and I don’t care about my carnal urge control. I don’t want your body, I just want your soul.” The musical key chosen for this song has a deeply resonating quality that sticks to your skin while the lyrics are meaningful and the build-up is heart-felt, keeping you hooked all the way as the energy builds. This is a chorus that will get stuck in your head - in a good way. The melody is fantastic.

Austin delivers a convincing vocal performance with passion and polish. Vocally, Austin has complete control over his expressive nuance and dynamics. With a great tone, Austin is a singer that sounds completely natural and has universal appeal.

Take a listen to "Soul"

In “Soul” Austin explores the delicate balance between the end of a romantic relationship and the hope for a meaningful friendship – moving from lovers to soul-mates. He does this with genuine emotion.

“Soul” is a song that has fire – emotional, musical and lyrical fire. The spark to this fire is Austin Mulak’s passionate vocal performance.

Check out Austin Mulak on Reverbnation where you can here more great songs.


About Austin Mulak:

Austin is a modern day renaissance man. He sings, writes songs, plays numerous instruments (guitar, piano, saxophone, drums/percussion, bass, and ukulele), studies martial arts, is a social activist and a graduate of Michigan University who studied English, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Economics, and Political Science. From Detroit, Michigan, Austin latest single, "Soul" (produced by Delbris), s available on all major digital outlets.

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