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Leah Hinton & Thomas Stewart IV - 'Teach Me'

Soothing guitar arpeggios open Leah Hinton & Thomas Stewart IV's inspirational single, “Teach Me.” The introduction is peaceful and inviting. With just guitar at it’s foundation, "Teach Me' is full of rich harmonic colors. The guitar creates a gentle landscape for Leah’s vocal entrance. Leah sings, “Teach Me. Teach me all the ways to love and every way I can follow you. Oh teach me, teach me you.” Her voice is heart-felt, warm and tender.

After the first few phrases, the song’s harmonic structure begins to develop, taking the melody to unexpected places. Leah sings these harmonic changes with artistic grace and beauty. The song pivots on the phrase “I want to know you” and Thomas takes the vocal line. Thomas’ vocal performance continues where Leah's left off, with the addition of layers of vocal harmonies. Thomas has a pure tenor tone, coupled with the smoothness of Soul, that keeps the song flowing. This duo blends together effortlessly, at times giving an improvisational feel to the song.

At the end, both Leah and Thomas sing, “Teach me all of what I need to be.” Their voices respond to each other, then come together. Their refined vocal interpretation is deeply reverent and thoughtful throughout.

Please take a moment to listen to Leah Hinton & Thomas Stewart IV perform "Teach Me."'

The inspiration behind “Teach Me” is about the desire to learn more about God, the creator of the universe. With beautiful and engaging guitar playing, deeply artistic and reverent vocals, rich layers of vocal harmonies, and honest lyrics that ask for a closeness to God, “Teach Me” is a timeless inspiration for the soul and the ears.


About Leah Hinton:

Leah Hinton is a singer/songwriter, musician, entertainer and teacher. She is a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 2018, Leah was a New England Music Award's 2018 Jazz Act of the Year Nominee. Her music seamlessly combines the smooth tones of Jazz and Soul. Her latest EP, SonKissed, is Jazz influenced music infused with Neo-Soul vibes, containing positive messages about love and life.

For more information:

Please visit Leah Hinton's website.

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