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  • Bryon Harris

Sangeeta Kaur - 'Compassion'

Award-winning Sangeeta Kaur is a contemporary New Age singer and producer who draws inspiration from her Vietnamese American roots, Classical Crossover Operatic music, and an authentic connection to Sacred Mantra Music. Sangeeta has taken the stage in prestigious venues worldwide such as the Broad Stage and the Segerstrom Center for the Arts to the Sydney Opera House in Australia. She is known as the first artist to compose a “Mantra Opera” combining sacred chant, classical opera and modern dance. Sangeeta's fourth New Age/Classical Crossover album “Compassion” was created with the Budapest Studio Orchestra, the Budapest Studio Choir & Sterling Ensemble. Renowned composer and producer, Nicolas Neidhardt, is featured on on piano and keyboard and Duy Tran and Danaë Vlasse contributed to the choral compositions. Her latest album "Compassion" is a breathtaking masterpiece for the ear, heart and soul.

The first song off the album “Compassion” is titled “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha” from the ancient mantra that signifies a relief from physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. The song opens with deep, resonating cello. Sangeeta Kaur enters singing the ancient text with a voice that is as crystal clear as a blue river and as warm as the sun. The composition is spellbinding with multi-layered textures of strings, piano and old-word percussion that blossom into a full orchestral arrangement. The entire song opens slowly before it expands, jubilantly. A harmonic chorus joins Sangeeta for a grand awakening that will move you to tears. The song is a glorious start.

“Rise Up” is next. This beautiful and hopeful piece opens and ends with a delicate bell sound and a confirming drone. Gentle harp arpeggios greet you at the door. A soft choir sounds angelic in the air above the mix. Sangeeta sings about the dawn of a new day. The theme is one of hope. “Keep your head high. It will be alright.”

The third song is “Transcendence.” The composition offers an engaging rhythmic landscape against piano arpeggios; the rhythmic intensity is created by vocal articulations sung with staccato styling. The vocal counterpoint is mesmerizing as multiple lines weave around each other folding into a colorful tapestry. Against this tapestry, Sangeeta sings moving melodic phrases that soar from her soul into the universe. Her vocal range and artistic interpretations are very impressive.

Midway is the song “May the Long Time Sun.” The lyrics are like a prayer offering the wish that the sun shines upon you. Vivid piano arpeggios are the backdrop for flowing melodic vocal phrasing. After the intro, the song adds elements of medieval chant in a lower vocal register along with a confident string arrangement and resonant percussion. The effect is powerful.

Song number five is the compelling “Song of Compassion Feat. Hila Plitmann Vocals and Danae Vlasse, Crystal Singing Bowls. Sangeeta’s classical training shines through on this gorgeous composition. As the crystal bowl is played, spreading it's sound through the atmosphere, the two accomplished singers, Hila Plitmann and Sangeeta Kaur, sing a duo that is filled with rich harmonies consisting of refined dissonance and resolution. Later, male voices join for a full choir effect. This piece will satisfy the most discerning ears from New Age to Classical aficionados.

Following is “Om Vajra Sattva Hum.” This song is notable for its expert phrasing that swells from within as if the music itself is painting a healing release that inhales and exhales with deep awareness. The vibe is one of purification and inner healing.

Track seven is “We Are One.” Twinkling percussion commences the song as it grows into an upbeat, exhilarating arrangement. Drumming adds an ancient touch. One can visualize a dance full of color and energy.

Following is the enchanting “Sa Re Sa Sa.” Sangeeta sings this peaceful mantra over precise and delicate textures that sound like mild chimes in a soft wind. A steady drum, like a heartbeat, beats in the background and carries you away.

Track nine is “Voices and Crystals Feat Hila Plitmann.” The crystal singing ball is utilized for an ancient Eastern world sound. Vocally, the duo sings with the crystal singing ball, becoming one with the breathtaking sound waves.

The last song is “Voice of Compassion (Chorus Medley).” As a grand finale to an album that exudes beauty and brilliance throughout, the full chorus arrangement of “Voice of Compassion” is all encompassing as every element is brought together for a boundless musical experience that inspires and illuminates

Sangeeta's "Compassion" fills your ears with musical brilliance from the vocals to the choirs, and from the contemporary orchestra and the ancient sounds, yet it only requires your heart to hear and feel the passionate and inspired magic of the song; the result is a soul awakening musical experience. With each song, you will be moved and mesmerized.

For more information, please visit Sangeeta's website.

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