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  • Bryon Harris

Summer Colds - 'Killing Flies'

Off the album ‘Here Comes Nothing’, the single “Killing Flies’ is a great way to get acquainted with Summer Colds, an alternative-rock band based out out of Southern Oregon.

"Killing Flies" is out the gate with muted guitar power-chords. The sound is heavy, rhythmic and crunchy. Nic enters singing, "I used to say hello to you. Now I just walk on by. You used to say hello to me too. Now I just want to die when I see your face. " After Nic calls-out, "2,3,4" the arrangement kicks into full gear with the addition of drums and bass.

There's a punk-rock edge that supplies a great contrast to Nic's naturally laid-back vocals that are clearly heard above the mix. It's a fantastic sound. As the song progresses, the guitar introduces new timbres along with tasty riffs and a higher register, melodic solo that cuts through the thick wall of sound.

The lyrics to "Killing Flies" utilize a unique directness combined with raw, dark poetry. "When I go outside, I just want to hide from the sun. When I stay inside, I don't have any fun. When I stay up late, I can barely breath. Now when I get back home, I just really want to leave." The song's title is also quite revealing. "Killing Flies" is about the emotional exhaustion one experiences when they are in a toxic relationship. Themes included mixed messages, head-games, depression and the blame-game.

Summer Colds display brazen honesty tinged with an intense energy in the edgy, yet highly melodic song "Killing Flies", that offers melodies you can hold onto through the alternative, darkly poetic and melodic ride.


About Summer Colds:

Nic McNamara was born in Johannesburg South Africa and later moved to England. Throughout his childhood, he grew up accompanying his father, Stevin McNamara, who worked as a recording engineer. Nic’s father collaborated with many well-known musicians. In South Africa, he worked with Lucky Dube, Brenda Fassi, and Ladysmith Blacksmith Mambazo. In England, he worked alongside longtime friend and former band-mate Robert Mutt Lange on numerous Billboard projects that included Bryan Adams, Tina Turner, Def Leppard, Michael Bolton and more. Eventually, the family moved to the states and Nic continued to study music and recording engineering. Nic’s current project is called Summer Colds. Previously in Black Bears Fire with two albums to his credit, Nic put together this three piece indie power-rock pop band to continue his path of musical experimentation and exploration – the result is a heavier, edgier sound with strong melodic content.

For more information on Summer Colds, please visit their website.

Check out the lyric video for "White Out", another moving single from Summer Colds:''

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