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  • Bryon Harris

Tony Valor - "Unexplainable"

Tony Valor is a three-time Billboard charting artist with hit singles including, “To the Top”, “Your My Fantasy”, and “Up & Away.” Being of Sicilian, Chinese and Hispanic descent, Tony has a unique multicultural background. He also had a unique start in the music industry. His love for singing began at the age of while he sat under the console in his famous father’s studio as he worked on his music productions. Of course, having a famous father can present challenges for an up-can-coming artist, but for Tony, his father has been an inspiration and Tony has forged his own path. Off the album, That Summer, Volume Two, by Various Artists, Tony's song, "Unexplainable" is full of the hit making material his fans have come to expect.

"Unexplainable", a touching, R & B ballad, opens with a brief, melodic intro on piano. Soon, a single sustained note on strings leads to the entrance of Tony’s vocals. Right away his immaculate tone leaves listeners in awe as he glides smoothly through swooning melodies.

Dynamics grow as the song builds to the chorus, the strings now an ensemble of sweet harmonies complimented by moving phrases on piano. Transitioning into the chorus, Tony’s vocals split, showcasing his crystal clear falsetto as he sings “Makes me feel the unexplainable/ Can’t describe what it is about you/ Cut so deep the love is painful/ Every time I think I lost you.”

When you listen to “Unexplainable,” you can hear it in Tony’s voice that this song comes from a deep place within him. The song is all about finding that someone special that you feel you can't live without and all the different emotions that it can stir up causing a feeling that is truly "unexplainable".

As Tony sings, “Ohh Crowded places without you I'm alone/Familiar places without you I've no home/Countless faces without you I feel unknown/And I set in stone you and I,” the message is driven home in a way that will leave you breathless, for a long time.

Tony Valor is extraordinary in every way and "Unexplainable" showcases his undeniable talent. For more information on Tony Valor, please visit his website.

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