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  • Bryon Harris

Stephanie Grace - 'Private Pond'

Hailing from the small town of Douglassville, Pennsylvania, singer-songwriter Stephanie Grace is no stranger to success and big concert stages. She has opened for Taylor Swift, Scotty McCreery, John Michael Montgomery, Josh Turner, Brothers Osborne, Hunter Hayes, and The Charlie Daniels Band! At age 22, the young Nashville-recording, Country-Pop songstress has released two EPs, Stephanie Grace and Life’s Okay, to critical acclaim. Her single “Loser” was one of the most added songs in country radio in its debut week. "Loser" was written to help prevent bullying, a cause that Stephanie is deeply passionate about. Since releasing the song in 2013, Stephanie has conducted anti-bullying assemblies at multiple elementary, middle and high schools throughout Pennsylvania.

Off the new compilation album, "That Summer, Vol. Two, by Various Artists, Stephanie Graces song "Private Pond" will take you away to a remote country setting where you can take in the sun and listen to a great tune. The song was written by Stephanie and produced by Joshua Mendez, with co-producers Jonathan Ross and Lee Starr.

"Private Pond" commences with a radio broadcast, "Good morning, here's a look at your update forecast." In the background you hear clips of the weather report forecasting a hot summer day. The music commences with a slow country-rock vibe with twangy country guitars and a clap-along beat. Stephanie sings, "There’s a dot off the map, past the tall green grass. Hop the fence, hang a left, til ya get way back Grab that six string, tune it up, make some noise Sweet perfume attractin’ bugs and boys." Stephanie's vocals are as clear as the water she sings about. She exudes a natural vocal talent for country music that sounds radio-ready and down-to-earth at the same time.

"Private Pond" invites you to test the waters and jump right in with strong songwriting and a contagious hook. "Ain’t no hashtag thing, it’s just word of mouth. So everybody jump in." There's a nice build-up to the ultra catchy chorus, 'Gonna be a hot one, hot one. So come and meet us. And get your sun tan on." Stephanie's lyrics paint vivid images. In "Private Pond" you feel like you are at the pond with her, listening to guitar, rocking a pair of blue jeans and flip-flops, turning up the radio, chilling and dancing on the beach.

"Private Pond" is that song you hear on your favorite Country radio station and when it comes on, your turn it up, roll down your windows, and head to your favorite secret summer place. Universally appealing, "Private Pond" is the next summer go-to-tune.

For more information on Stephanie Grace, please visit her website.

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