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  • Bryon Harris

Rooftop Heroes - 'Heroes'

Hailing from Eastern Switzerland, Rooftop Heroes is made up of Mike Frei (guitar, lead vocals), Daniel Frei (bass, vocals), Tobi Engeler (lead guitar, vocals) and Samuel Forster (drums, vocals). Originally called BluePearl, and with two former members, the quartet was featured on national German TV shows such as The Dome and Köln 50667. Now returning as Rooftop Heroes, the alternative collective found their core audience on YouTube, collecting over 1 million views on cover videos. Looking to give their fans more, they are gaining worldwide momentum with their original music.

Rooftop Heroes is one of the internationally acclaimed artists featured on the compilation album That Summer, Vol. Two, by Various Artists. The album, release by BWH Music Group, is the second album in this series; Vol. One was nominated for an Independent Music Award, one of the most prestigious Indie awards in the country. Off Vol. Two, Rooftop Heroes song "Heroes" is sure to win you over.

“Heroes” is one of those songs where every aspect is so catchy that it will inevitably get stuck in your head. From the get-go, an addictive pop-synth takes the lead boasting a memorable motif backed by an ambient distorted melody. This leads into the drop of the bass and drums as the first verse kicks things off with high energy.

Mike Frei’s unique voice will immediately grab your attention as he delivers each line with pristine clarity, effectively driving the song into the chorus. As he enters singing, “Hey, get that feeling, come on get great vibes, untie with the rhythm and lose your mind. "You can’t help but to move your body to the rhythm. “Heroes” is sure to uplift your mood and get you feeling those positive summer vibes.

For more information on Rooftop Heroes, please visit their website.

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