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Olivia Frances - 'Lettin' Summer Shine'

Olivia Frances songs on SoundCloud have reached over 100,000 streams, generating a loyal fanbase around the world. She is attracting more and more fans each day with her positive-vibe-fused songwriting. Her critically-acclaimed single “Moon to My Sun” was the VOX Pop Winner in the Love Song Category at the 2018 Independent Music Awards (IMA’s) held at Lincoln Center. She also won 1st place in the Singer-Songwriter Category in the 2018 New England Songwriting Competition. Other awards include the Valley Music Showcase’s “Best Original Song" as well as “Best Pop Song” at the Ohio Music Awards. Olivia Frances is known for her infectious positive energy and powerful stage presence. This prolific songbird has written and co-written over 300 songs with hit writers such as Billy Lee (“The One” by Gary Allan), Kevin So (“Crush On You” by India Arie), and Matt Stell (“Prayed for You”). Her latest album Orchid was produced by distinguished musician and producer Pat Lassiter, who has been referred to as the Max Martin of Nashville. In 2018, Olivia was one of the few American artists selected to perform at IndieWeek Canada in Toronto where she made her international debut.

Olivia Frances has been recognized by the Nashville Songwriter Association International (NSAI) as a “Ones to Watch” songwriter over a dozen times and it's easy to see why with songs like 'Lettin' Summer Shine' which is featured on the new compilation That Summer, Vol. Two, by Various Artists. "Lettin' Summer Shine" was co-written with Michael Astrachan on a hot summer day in July. “Letting Summer Shine” kicks things off with high energy as the drums lead in a bright arrangement of melodic electric guitar, bass, and piano. As the guitar wanes, Olivia takes the lead for the first verse showcasing her pure vocal timbre. The vocal melodies are smooth yet dynamic with a pleasant rhythmic bounce. With a steady progression towards the chorus, the percussion beings to build up before a small rest that adds emphasis to the explosive, colorful entrance of the chorus. With the addition of sweet vocal harmonies throughout the second verse, every ounce of this song is infectious, taking you over and leaving you with carefree positive vibes.

Lyrically, the song unfolds like a fun summer poem. "Poolside, beach bound, backyard, whatever ya like. Sunscreen, flip flops, palm trees, whatever feels right. Good times are waitin’, no more anticipating. So, let’s turn the radio up and enjoy the ride." The message is fun and free and Olivia's country-fused vocals mixed with slight hints of pop, make the words pop off the track like firecrackers on the 4th of July - bright and spectacular.

Olivia captures something that the world is missing and needs more of with her contagious spirit and infectious songs. To catch a positive-vibe second-to-none, along with meaningful messages, artistic songwriting and great composition, go over to Olivia Frances website.

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