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  • Bryon Harris

Luna Keller - 'We Are All Mad Here'

Hailing from the sunny island of Tenerife, 18-year old Luna Keller is an artist who is gaining a lot of attention in the U.S. and worldwide. In 2018, “Packing My Bags” was on the IMA Nominated album That Summer, Vo.l 1 ( BWH Music Group) and it was also used in a Starbucks ad campaign. Luna is a Hollywood Songwriter Contest finalist, a Music City Songstar finalist and an American Songwriter Nominee. Luna grew up in a musical family. By age 8, she was singing in a choir and within five years, she fell in love with the guitar and started writing her own songs. Today, Luna records in her home studio with her father and veteran music producer and audio engineer, Uli Pfannmüller. Luna has collaborated with amazing musicians including Bruce White (Peter Gabriel, U2, Coldplay, Adele) who played viola on her debut single, "Sunset. Luna has played stages and events throughout Ireland. She has written for the International Day for Violence Against Women and Ocean and Environmental Day which was celebrated on the “My Heart Beats Blue Event” internet television station 24-7tenerifetv. Currently, Luna has an upcoming EP titled “Alice Is in Love with the Mad Hatter” inspired by the book Alice in Wonderland. Guest musicians will include Ralf Erkel (Haddaway) and Dave Mette (Laith Al-Deen, Philipp Poisel). Her song, "We Are All Mad Here" is featured on the compilation album, That Summer, Vol. 2, by Various Artists. "We Are All Mad Here" starts with a lead in from the trumpet along with bass, guitar, drums, and ambient sound effects. The instruments come together to create a uniquely enchanting groove that lifts the spirit. The triumphant growl of the trumpet entices listeners with a memorable motif before dropping out and allowing Luna to take over.

Luna's vocals are absolutely mesmerizing with a light, bouncy timbre complimenting the energy of the instrumental arrangement. The energy continues to grow throughout each section of the song, adding more and more ambient effects that eventually create a wide stereo image with each element adding new excitement to the track. Please take a moment to watch the wonderful video of "We Are All Mad Here"

“We’re All Mad Here” delivers a heartwarming message of unity and self-expression. At the end of the first verse Luna sings, “We don't care about the color of your skin, or the religion you believe in. It's not important with who you've been, the door is open, come and sing.” The song is a welcome invitation for everyone to sing along regardless of your background.

“We’re All Mad Here” is the perfect song for our current social climate, embracing diversity, and inviting everyone to celebrate it together. Luna delivers the message with authenticity, love and joy. One listen will have you sold on this young artist's talent and her message.

For more information about Luna Keller, please visit her website.

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