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  • Bryon Harris

Kalina & Kiana - 'That Thing'

Kalina & Kiana discovered sibling harmony while still in their car seats. Now, in their 20s, they’ve traveled the world, starred in and written songs for television shows in the US and Europe. While writing for other projects, they found their sound - a unique brand of pop music. Their high energy live shows feature magnet hooks and lyrics you’ll be singing by the second chorus. These multi-instrumentalist wear their influences on their sleeves, including everything from The Beatles to Broods. Kalina and Kiana are music to the ears and easy on the eyes.

Off the new compilation album That Summer, Volume Two, by Various Artists, Kalina & Kiana's song "That Thing" will surely resonate with everyone who has fallen in love and experienced that certain chemistry and excitement that's hard to put into words. The song opens with a thick, pulsing syncopated bass and clap-along beat. The vocals begin with an addictive syllabic tune on “do-do-do-do’s” that you can whistle along to. The vibe is instantly uplifting and completely contagious. The musical landscape is always engaging, starting with basic bass and becoming full and exciting. The excellent production work was done by Darryl Swan.

Please take a moment to check out the new video for "That Thing."

The lyrics commence: “When I’m with you, I never know what to think. When I’m with you, I find myself stuttering…” Both sisters have crystal clear, pop-perfect voices. The track builds up after the first verse. Artistic and flavorful background harmonies are added. The build-up to the chorus is fantastic as the track breaks wide open with a strong downbeat and the entrance of a fun electric guitar solo. “I can’t even look at you, look at you, without losing my mind and you know it’s true. That thing you do… “ Lyrically, Kalina & Kiana have a honest and refreshing approach that is part "poetic" and part "down-to-earth" giving their music mass appeal. Song after song, Kalina & Kiana deliver hit material that could stand side-by-side any pop song on the Top 40 today.

For more information on Kaliana & Kiana, please visit their website.

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