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  • Bryon Harris

Jenny Vinatieri - 'Phoenix'

Jenny Vinatieri entered the songwriting arena a few years ago and she is on fire. Jenny is a Grand Prize winner of the Divine Tracks Song Contest and a USA International and Unsigned Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist. She is also a Reverbnation Featured Artist. Born in Italy, and raised in Spain, Jenny's first language was a mix of made-up words in Spanish, English, and Italian. Yearning to communicate at a young age, she turned to the universal language of music, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that Jenny decided to put out her own music. Jenny's latest album is titled "Phoenix." The title-track song is featured on BWH Music Group's That Summer, Vol. 2, by Various Artists and is is sure to capture your attention and land at the top of your summer playlist.

“Phoenix” is a dynamic, riveting, and addictive song. Kicking off, bouncy delayed synths start the melody softly, gradually opening up to a crunchy lead before the beat drops. Jenny’s vocals have an electric, mesmerizing quality that blends perfectly with the EDM vibes of the song. Captivating melodies play off the rises and dips in the track’s energy keeping listeners hooked through each section. Once the song hits the chorus, you are met with explosive energy from the instrumentation and stellar vocals melodies that showcase the talent and control Jenny has on her vocal performance.

"Phoenix" is a love song that describes strong attraction and chemical reaction. "I’m the blue in the flame you see flickering You’re the match to this fire, be the air I breathe Feel the pain and desire, let go and release I’m the light you ignite ." The track, which was conceived by Divine Tracks, captures the sexy and sensual vibe of a great pop-electronic love song. In "Phoenix" Jenny's lyrics describe the powerful catalyst that love is; the fire that is lit inside and burns bright for the world to see....and hear.

Once again Jenny Vinatieri proves that she is a force on songwriter stage with another hit tune for the masses. Jenny herself is the true Phoenix, rising with one great song after another. Emerging, it seems, from out of nowhere, Jenny Vinatieri has become a songwriter on fire.

For more information on Jenny Vinatieri, please visit her on Reverbnation.


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