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  • Bryon Harris

Happiness Junkies - 'You Can Leave Your Light On'

Hailing from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), the duo called Happiness Junkies write, record and perform melancholic slow-beat rock music for the soul. With electric guitar and piano entwined, female vox and a rhythm box, Happiness Junkies create an entrancing and inviting sound that has been described as "a slow groove for a fast world." The duo consists El (vocals, piano, percussion) and Onno (guitar/bass, drum programming, backvocs ). Their songs have been added to numerous Spotify playlists and college radio and commercial radio around the world.

Off the compilation album, That Summer,Volume Two, by Various Artists, their song "You Can Leave Your Light On" showcases their unique appeal. Right from the start, a somber arrangement of piano, drums, and electric guitar strike at your core causing your emotions to stir and awaken. This is part of the group's addictive draw - the slow and mesmerizing melodies seep under your skin. Following the mellow instrumentation, El enters with rich, lush vocals sitting perfectly in front of the instrumentals as they eb and flow entrancing the listener even further.

Combining melancholy melodies with uplifting lyrics make a truly unique and emotional experience. The song builds gradually progressing towards a huge climactic finish. “You Can Leave Your Light On” is one of those songs that when you hear it, you know there is something special - perhaps enlightened - about the musicians who created it.

Please take a minute to watch the video of "You Can Leave Your Light On"

"You Can Leave Your Light On' is about finding inner peace and balance; the is light in the dark. Even though we all have flaws, we can still shine. "I know your rights I know your wrongs and don't you think the world will carry on contrast comes and contrast goes the highs, the lows when it's all said and done but you can leave your light on."

"You Can Leave Your Light On" utilizes a raw passion that will leave an everlasting impression and keep you coming back to Happiness Junkies time and time again for your fix of light and inspiration.

To learn more about Happiness Junkies, please check out their website.

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