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  • Bryon Harris

Erich Mrak - 'Fake It'

Erich Mrak was born in Canada (Ottawa) and is currently based in Toronto. His songs are composed over pop and hip-hop production offering an experimental combination of the two genres for a unique and engaging sound. Being featured in several notable publications (Earmilk, Paste Magazine, and GoodMusicAllDay), Erich is an artist to watch. Erich's songwriting journey began at the age of 7 when he starting writing lyrics. By 13, he was already a recording artist working on original material.

Erich Mrak's song "Fake It" is featured on That Summer, Vol. 2, by Various Artists.The extraordinary compilation album features 16 songs by internationally acclaimed and award-winning artists in multiple genres.

Erich Mrak’s “Fake It” kicks things off with hopped, flanging synths soon met by chords on piano. Not before long, a steady beat drops and a gently distorted synth lead takes center stage with an electric melody before the first chorus begins. The hip production gets you into a chill groove. The track is mesmerizing.

The track is very well put together overall, enticing you through memorable motif’s and subtle cadences, that linked together, make a song that you will be singing or the rest of the day. Erich capitalizes on the mood with his nonchalant vocals and smooth rhythmic flow.

In "Fake It" Erich explores the double whammy of being in a toxic relationship and experiencing career duplicity; both yield emotional exhaustion and anxiety. In each scenario, you are somewhere you don't want to be. "Tryna stay on my toes But every time I reflect - I feel I’m breaking my bones ‘Cause I choose to stay - every night has it's moments, but I pay the price because my time is stolen." Sometimes all you can do is keep going. "Here today, tomorrow I might not make it. And when I wake tomorrow I’m gonna fake it." Lyrically, the song feels raw, honest and reflective. It is easy to relate to the emotions Erich sings about and the song's strong melodic content makes it even easier to make it your own story as you sing along.

In "Fake It" Erich Mrak offers a slice of chill melodic soulfulness with experimental, swirling synth, strong melodies, a groove you can chill out to, and laid-back vocals. This song is for all the people who wake up every day and go through the motions. With "Fake It" - Erich Mrak keeps it more real than most and it's refreshing to hear.

For more information on Erich Mrak, please visit his website.

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