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  • Bryon Harris

Emily Cole - 'Dead Feelings'

Emily Cole is a young, gifted pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose immense talent has attracted top-level collaborators. Her self-titled debut album (October 2015) was produced by Eddie Ferguson of Lucky Run Studio in Houston, Texas. Ferguson is known for his work managing music projects alongside Matthew Knowles (father of Beyoncé) and Max Gousse (Def Jam Records). Emily's single “Over” was produced in New York City by members of The Elev3n and Hip-Hop artist, Kinetics. Her hit song “Two-Faced” was a collaboration with Jenn Rykert. Off the hot new compilation album That Summer, Vol. Two, by Various Artists, Emily's song "Dead Feelings" (also produced by Ferguson) has all the makings of a hit.

Stellar electronic synth production opens “Dead Feelings.” The trippy intro is engaging with small melodic, punchy dance-like synth riffs above a walking bass line. The modern track draws you in before the beat drops into a completely jamming, radio-ready track. As the melodic motifs come in and out, a great groove is established. Cool vocal effects add a nice touch. After just four bars, listeners are hooked and the vocals haven’t even started.

The deal is sealed when Emily sings. “I been up since who knows when thoughts bouncin round all in my head try to play cool but i don’t know what to do don’t wanna smoke some mary jane just to please you.” Emily’s voice was born for pop music; her sound can stand toe-to-toe with charting artists today.

The chorus is equally catchy: How can you think it’s all in my head? Uncontrollable anxiety, i’d rather stay in bed i don’t wanna drink, so side effects don’t fuck with me, i cant wait til these feelings are dead how could you think it’s all in my head? not my fault i remember everything you ever said and i don’t wanna drink, so side effects don’t fuck with me, i cant wait til these feelings are dead." Emily's honest approach to her lyric writing is admirable and refreshing.

Emily has struck a chord in "Dead Feelings" expressing difficult feelings about anxiety in a pop song that exudes musical confidence. "Dead Feelings" brings on an antidote to anxiety; with meaning and message, this song is pop music medicine that's good for the mind - and great on the ears.

For more information on Emily Cole, please visit her website.


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