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  • Bryon Harris

Crooked Flower - 'Freedom'

Crooked Flower is an alternative indie band consisting of four main members: Angelina Dang (vocals/guitar/keyboards); Daniel Erik (aka Tenenbaum; bass); Dan Ingberman (guitar/guitar synth); and Patrick Shields (drums/percussion). The band is based out of the California where they perform regularly in the San Francisco Bay region. Their music has gained the attention of over 60 press outlets including Alternative Nation, Pop Matters, NoHo Arts District, No Depression, Nashville Music Guide, OnStage Magazine, Psychedelic Baby, California Rocker, and many more. They were awarded the "2015 Concert Of The Year" by Twirl Radio, KUBU 95.5 ans "2015 Song of the Year" for "Too Broke To Fix" which appears on End of The Rainbow. Crooked Flower has released an impressive 5 LP’s, 2 EP’s, several Singles and a Video Album (10 Videos). Off the compilation album That Summer, Vol. Two, by Various Artists, Crooked Flower is featured with their song "Freedom."

Sometimes rock has it all. It has edge. It has attitude. It has a funky groove. It has a great lead singer and tight musicianship. The arrangements are engaging and the lyrics are meaningful. Sometimes, but not often, a band comes along that offers all of that and more. One listen to Crooked Flower’s, “Freedom” is all it takes to hear that this band has everything a discerning fan of indie-rock wants.

“Freedom” is out of the box with Angelina Dang singing “Got one dead for selling loosies.” Angelina’s crystal clear vocals draw you in from the start. The vibe of the song is chill, but at the same time the rhythmic arrangement keeps you on the edge of your seat. Patrick Sheilds and Erik Daniels are beyond “in-the-pocket’ (if there is such a thing as beyond-in-the-pocket) as the drums and bass showcase brilliant timing and unpredictable, expertly articulated change-ups. Lead guitar solos cry and the synth adds a chill psychedelic vibe. The energy of the song is intense; a solo jam section creates the feeling of a live stadium show.

Meaningful lyrics take center state in “Freedom” “All we wants a little freedom. Is that just too much to ask? No swat team or home invasions. You know I won’t open up”. The lyrics go on to “Thank God for the government” for “taking care of me.” If you haven’t guessed it, the chorus is utilizing poignant sarcasm to denounce the arrests, prison time, home invasions and tearing apart communities over the so-called drug war.

"Freedom" could easily win awards for best social justice song of the year. The summer isn't all about going to the beach and surfing; for some it's about clinging onto your rights no matter what the season. Crooked Flower captures the true of meaning of freedom in a song that's all about having it stripped away.

For more information on Crooked Flower, please visit their website.

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