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  • Bryon Harris

Calvert - 'This Beautiful Life'

Off the new compilation album That Summer, Vol. Two, by Various Artists, Calvert's song "This Beautiful Life' is immeasurably memorable. For our readers who may not know Calvert, he is an independent recording artist whose first single “Kiss The Air” was optioned twice by Fox’s "So You Think You Can Dance." He has been a back-up singer for Mariah Carey, Harry Connick Jr, Patti Labelle, and Gloria Estefan. Calvert's debut album, This Beautiful Life, VOL 1 was produced by acclaimed EDM artist Jonathan Mendelsohn and orchestrated by Jamey Ray (creator of Voctave).

Calvert delivers a magnificent performance in “This Beautiful Life.” Drawing from elements of theater and pop music, "This Beautiful Life" is simply riveting. As the instrumentals set the mood, Calvert's stunning vocals entrance you, bringing you on a musical journey that you won’t forget. The song's huge cinematic production features expansive percussion, layers of harmonic vocals, ambient swelling synths, and trickles of keyboard. Each element adds to the overall excitement of the track as they enter, building up towards each chorus making for vividly intense moments in the song that are sure to stay with you. The cello is played by Samuel Konkol, the violin is performed by Keenan Kushner and background vocals are by Lily LaGravenese. Calvert's pop music is more than just a memorable melody, it's a complete experience.

The video to “This Beautiful Life" was directed by Hollywood‘s Brad Hammer Productions. The video is a masterpiece that took 32 people across 9 states to bring to life. It's amazing to watch. Set in a room with sunlight shining through the windows, dancers dressed in white take center stage and move elegantly and dramatically to the powerful lyrics. Check it out now:

In "This Beautiful Live" Calvert explores renewal, gratitude and joy. "Throw away these broken dreams, it's time to turn the page." The song is filled with optimistic sunlight that shines throughout. You will walk away from "This Beautiful Live" feeling uplifted. "We'll fly above with the world at our feet. It's a feast for the eyes. This beautiful life. This beautiful life. This beautiful life!" The song, along with Calvert's performance, soars with addictive positive vibes.

For more information, please visit Calvert's website.

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