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  • Bryon Harris

Sorry, Marshal - 'Seeking Advice'

Sorry, Marshal is an alternative band from Baltimore, Maryland offering up time-melting, shoegaze with an easy-to-relate-to indie-rock edge. Founded in 2018, the band's lineup includes Greg Pamer (vocals, guitar), John Mattingly (drums), Dan Pamerand (bass), and Luke Naden (guitar, vocals.) Front-man, and primary songwriter, Greg Pamer draws his inspiration from artists like Superchunk, Juliana Hatfield, Archers of Loaf, Sugar, MBV, Hey Mercedes, The Promise Ring, and Dinosaur Jr. In 2019, the band released their debut EP-1. Off EP-1 comes their single, "Seeking Advice." After one listen, it is clear that this song will please any shoegazer fan with its fuzzy consciousness and melodic sensibilities .

“Seeking Advice” opens with an intro that oozes with guitar fuzz-molten melodic motifs creating an ethereal surface during the first four bars. Strong melodic phrases are planted like musical seeds and flourish later in the song's guitar solo work. This is a band that has the patience to let their music unfold. Towards the end of each motif, you will hear the guitarist slowly bending key notes, stretching their tonic flavor against the hazy distortion. "Seeking Advice" is catchy and compelling from the start.

After the four bars, the song lights up with bass and percussion. The percussion is crisp and light which allows the distorted guitar to keep it's central role. Kudos to the band for capturing a chill vibe while maintaining an energetic undertow throughout the song. The vocals commence under the volume offering a perfect contrast of tone. Greg's voice is stellar and so very radio-ready. He sings: “Tell me, what lovers do?” Followed by: “Tell me, what lovers say?” Lyrically, the song is emotive in an understated way, allowing those two simple questions to say what has to be said. In this way, their content sticks to your skin.

Mid-way into the song, the mix bleeds out and a lead guitar solo steps in. It’s a great moment as the well-defined guitar melody is played so tastefully. The solo returns after each chorus and ends the song brilliantly.

There’s an energy that Sorry, Marshal captures that is like a latent volcano; you will feel the vibrancy under the surface. You take it in and before you know it, you’re covered in a contagious mix with poetic vocals. After you hear “Seeking Advice”, your first inclination will be to hear it again. For more information on Sorry, Marshal, please visit their website or tune-in to Spotify.

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