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  • Bryon Harris

Rooftop Heroes - 'Heroes'

Hailing from Switzerland, the indie-pop group “Rooftop Heroes” is on their way to being the next household band on everyone’s playlist. With combined YouTube and Spotify streams at over a quarter of a million plays, the band is striking a chord with fans and rising to the top quickly. Rooftop Heroes is made up of Mike Frei, lead vocals and guitar; Daniel Frei, bass and vocals; Tobi Engeler, lead guitar and vocals; and Samuel Forster, drums and vocals. The song that is gaining worldwide momentum is called “Heroes” and it has all the makings of chart busting single.

Heroes opens with a catchy, tuneful blast of energy that is heard throughout the track. The memorable melody in the introduction will have you whistling or humming along. The song’s fun-filled vibe is instantly uplifting with addictive melodic content - their sound is completely contagious. Mike Frei enters singing, “Shout it out to the weekend heroes. Get on up – get on down – here we go. Where are you my weekend heroes?” Mike’s pop-perfect voice is FM radio-ready. He sings with charisma, style and confidence for a very captivating performance. Mike can stand side-by-side with today’s charting singers. The track to "Heroes" is very-well produced yielding a crisp sound. The nice steady drum work puts a rhythmic emphasis on beats 2 and 4 for an easy-going, clap-along beat . Muted guitar work and thick bass lines create a tight pulse. During the chorus, the beat drops out for a whirling sound you can fly into. The band gels together incredibly well and the production work is top-notch. The overall sound of "Heroes" truly captures the weekend spirit.

Please take a moment to check out the awesome video of “Heroes” whch is currently topping over 100,000 views. Rooftop Heroes show that they are ready for the big league with a polished performance that jumps off the reel. And, you will surely enjoy all the footage of our everyday heroes.

“Heroes” pays homage to the people who get up each day and go to work when their bodies are tired and their minds are stressed. It is for the nurses, the firefighters and the emergency medical technicians who save lives daily; it’s for the teachers and the single mothers who want their kids to have the best they can give; it’s for the fathers who are working double shifts and the construction workers who build our roads with their hands. Rooftop Heroes refers to these folks as ‘Super Heroes’ and this song was written for them. “Hey, get that feeling, come on get great vibes, unite with the rhythm and lose your mind (You’ve got the heart of a super hero).” But wait – it gets even better. “Heroes” has a crowdfunding platform on the big Swiss charity organization called 'Caritas'. The band is collecting money to support social projects that reintegrate people who are struggling financially back into society. To donate, you can visit their campaign. “Heroes” is the kind of song that invites you to leave your worries behind, get lost in the music, blast your car radio and move on the dancefloor. The song has a hook that everyone will love and the lyrics are easy to relate to. In the end, “heroes” is an anthem for every person who is out there working Monday through Friday and living for the weekend. With mass appeal in their hands and a song that offers it all, Rooftop Heroes may be your next playlist hero.

To learn more about the band, please visit their website.

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