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  • Bryon Harris

The Kings - ' "Circle of Friends/Man That I Am'

The classic rock band, The Kings, who everyone remembers from their Billboard charting hit ‘This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide’ is back in a big way with another catchy double-in-one that you will love. Their new song segue, "Circle of Friends/Man That I Am" offers vitality and good vibes. Nashville hit maker Bob Ezrin is back as the mixer/engineer. David Diamond sings lead vocals and plays bass; Todd Reynolds is on drums; Sunny Keyes plays keys and Mr. Zero is back on guitar.

"Circle of Friends/Man That I Am" is out the gate with crunchy electric guitar strumming and wild and free keys that glide and shimmer. David Diamond’s edgy vocals hit the mic with confidence andf style. Bass and rock drumming hold the rhythm tight. The chorus stands out with a fun and catchy hook that you can join. “I can’t run far and wide. I can’t keep it inside. I never want to forget, this fine circle of friends. It’s a fine circle of friends.” The tune will get stuck in your head the way a good hook is suppose to.

Lead guitar shines between verses. The “Man That I Am” section is the icing on the cake. The Kings know how to do a seamless seque better than anyone in the trade; their transitions are the perfect blend of beats and melody.

“"Circle of Friends/Man That I Am" has that classic rock feel that reminds you of your neighborhood live music bar - the song is like a place you can count on where you gather your good friends, grab a cold beer and hear timeless music. Like a fine friendship, The Kings are still giving us their best and always will.

The Kings have an extensive catalog of songs on iTunes. For more information, visit their website.

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