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  • Bryon Harris

Ghost Chief - 'Fauve'

Hailing from Weymouth, Massachusetts Ghost Chief is one of the best finds of 2019. The first question that came to mind when I heard their single “Fauve” was: Why I haven’t I heard of these guys - they're amazing!? Their arrangements and musicianship are truly innovative, artistic, and at times virtuosic. Members of Ghost Chief include: Ted MacDonald, guitar and vocals; Steve Capachione, keys; Dan Smith, bass; and Sam Beane, drums. The band offers indie music with flavors of folk, rock and alternative. Off their album Paint Leaves, their single "Fauve" is a masterpiece.

“Fauve” opens with highly intricate guitar and piano playing that captivates. A nice groove is established by light percussion and bass. Jazz and alternative rock mix together for a performance that is one-of-a-kind and captivating. The group establishes a nice syncopation, creating good tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Mid-way, a bridge section utilizes elements of classical music heard in the piano with interesting layers of textures and harmonies. The song is always rhythmically interesting. Ghost Chief are masters of their craft and their talent is undeniable.

The first verse commences with Ted MacDonald singing “You caught me fresh escaped from malaise, the navy-bluest free fall of my life. A careless, callous, healthy headspace, healed hearts reenter the small limelight.” These are the kind of lyrics you can expect from Ghost Chief: fiercely intelligent, observant and bold. Their lyrics could stand alone as poetry. “Our paint blended together and all it made was gray. Given all you know; my bottled eccentricity, balding, chronic loner; are you sure you want me around? Given all you know; my future of uncertainty; Old and insecure; are you sure you want me around?” Ted’s voice is unpretentious; he has the perfect tone for indie music. Take a moment to listen and watch the band's well-realized video. The song unfolds in such unexpected ways, yet the story is clear and cohesive.

Ghost Chief hits high marks for an artistic arrangement unpredictable compostion, award-worthy lyrics, and stellar musicianship. Add them to your playlist so you can listen multiple times. Don't miss out on this band. Discover more on Bandcamp.

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