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  • Bryon Harris

Art Tawanghar - 'We Won't Be Broke Forever'

“Kill me now.” Those are the first three words sung by Elle Vee in the captivating R & B hit single, “We Won’t Be Broke Forever.” The song was composed by Art Tawanghar who is known for his award-winning achievements in New Age, World, EDM and Electronic music. Tawanghar is a #1 Billboard charting composer and musician who writes and produces songs for the ear and the mind, body and soul. “We Won’t Be Broke Forever” is brilliantly conceived and produced. The arrangement is made up of engaging, syncopated R & B textures and light percussion that snaps. The composition perfectly complements the song’s uplifting vibe with catchy melodic phrasing and a layered, jamming groove. The memorable hook stands out. Elle’s vocal performance offers a highly stylish R & B, pop-infused interpretation. This is a hot track that is FM radio-ready.

“We Won’t Be Broke Forever” is about rising above one’s down-and-out feelings. The first verse depicts relationship loss and grief. “I don’t wanna sleep without you. Broken down, I’ll never get over it. I already miss you.” The second verse does an about-face, lifting you up. Here the music and the lyrics change the mood from despair to hope for a great pivotal moment. “Stop what you’re doin’. Get in the moment. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. Show me some movement. Yeah, you can do it. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.” The verses build with just the right intensity onto the chorus which is about going out on the weekend with friends, a simple and perfect antidote to feeling blue. The energy and vitality of the track conveys the feeling of living in the moment and letting go of your troubles. Please take a moment to watch the video of “We Won’t Be Broke Forever.”

There are no limits to the success that “We Won’t Be Broke Forever” can achieve. The well-realized song has mass-appeal. This is the kind of song that makes you feel like there are no obstacles you can’t get overcome. and that’s a feeling everyone needs at some point in their lives.

Listen to “We Won’t Be Broke Forever” on Soundcloud.

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