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  • Bryon Harris

Karl Sky - "I'm Always Here You Know"

Karl Sky is a prolific songwriter who has a vast library of Folk songs to his credit. His compositions utilize elements of Americana, folk and rock. In 2000, Karl met Nashville legend Scotty Turner who provided a mentorship role in Karl’s music career. Scotty is a songwriter and lead guitarist for Tommy Sands & The Raiders, an Executive Produce of Liberty /Imperial Records and a Writer and Producer for A & M Records - Turner’s songs were recorded by world renowned artists Roy Clark, Slim Whitman, Nilsson, and Mac Davis, to name a few.

As Karl developed his craft, publishers took notice. He was signed by Captain Kidd Music/BMI for his song "Warm Kentucky Wind" and for a collection of his music titled Guess It's Time. Currently, Karl is working on finishing up his latest album Stranger To This Place for an anticipated release this summer. Off the album, the single “I’m Always Here You Know” is a great way to get acquainted with Karl's talent.

“I’m Always Here You Know” commences with beautiful fingerpicking guitar; a light drone is heard hovering above the mix for a warm, mesmerizing effect. Soon a tasteful, melodic guitar melody is introduced. Solid hollow drumming, that sounds very organic, almost like hand drumming, starts the first verse with a nice pulse. The music has a slight ancient, Celtic touch that resonates deep in your soul. The arrangement captures a sense of longing. Karl sings, “Frozen child of winter can you see the golden sun? Do you feel the tropic breeze that’s kissed the pines?“ Karl’s voice is immediately relatable. With a warm and inviting tone, he is both down-to-earth and expressive.

Karl pens thoughtful and intelligent lyrics, painting emotion and story, in a poetic manner. In “I’m Always Here You Know,” Karl effectively utilizes the change of season as a metaphor for despair and hope, tiredness and renewal. As the winter gives way to spring, there is the promise of new beginnings. In this song, a friend reaches out a hand to someone in a winter phase of life; there is bleakness and sorrow. “Your hope is like a candle whose wick is at the bottom and the words of the closest few don’t quite console.” The songs' message is that I may not be able to reach you now, but I’m always here you know.

“I’m Always Here You Know” captures the fragility of our human experience and our need for connection with great tenderness and sophistication, both lyrically and musically.

For more information on Karl Sky, please visit his website.

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