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  • Bryon Harris

Eli Gauden - 'Another Day'

Norwegian singer-songwriter Eli Gauden has been described as "sweet and raw" referring to the mezmerizing sound of her voice and her genuine lyrical sensibilities. Her songs, ranging from playful blues to heartbreaking folk-ballads, are pure and authentic.

During her college years in the U.S., Eli fell in love with American folk and blues. Now, back in Norway, she can be found with a resonator guitar by her side and a slide on her finger. Inspired by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Robert Johnson and Joni Mitchell, Eli brings brings you into a universe of wonder and honesty with a warm and inviting vibe.

Eli has released two EPs, Follow Me Home (2018) and The Walk (2016) and she is currently working on her first full-length album. Her latest single, "Another Day" is a great way to introduce yourself to her extraordinary sound. "Another Day" was written by Eli and produced by Jens Kirstian Mørkby. “Another Day” is a moving and memorable folk ballad. The song commences with lovely melodic acoustic guitar and delicate electronic ambiance. Eli commences the first verse singing, “Tell me if it’s true that some succeed in everything they do. That’s the way it feels.” Eli sings the line with great tenderness. Her vocals are refreshingly unique with a sound you won’t soon forget. Her tone is immediately intimate and expressive. “Another Day” is produced using organic and synthesized sounds giving this folk song the best of both worlds. As the verses build, instrumental phrasing is layered throughout. A light flute-like sound is heard above the mix like a bird singing for a very nice effect. Horns, strings and piano make for a full and engaging sound. The chorus, the five-word phrase “I’ll try again another day”, is repeated softly; it is both memorable and emotionally reassuring.

“Another Day” is about feeling that you haven’t made the progress towards your dreams that others have made and Eli expresses this frustration with heart-felt honesty and grace. The vibe is not angry or bitter; instead she is reflective and self-aware, demonstrating an ability to tap into the raw, and sometimes hard to speak about, feelings of humanity with empathy and compassion; these complex feelings are in the hands of a skilled song-writer and intelligent lyricist who is an expert at her craft. Eli Gauden doesn't have to wait another day - her day has arrived. Her music gives a voice to our emotions by gently opening the door and allowing us to discover, and fully relate to, the song in a meaninglfu and magical way.

For more information on Eli Gauden, pelase visit her website .

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