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Pastor Peter Unger - "Song of Peace"

Pastor Peter Unger is an inspirational singer-songwriter. A finalist in the USA International Songwriting Competition, his songs cross-over folk, country, Gospel and Celtic. Common themes in his music include the healing love and Grace of God; his lyrics explore faith, peace and hope. Pastor Unger performs his songs during the worship services of the churches he serves as an extension of his ministry. In addition to being a Pastor, he is a part time college instructor. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Goddard College, a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate from Drew University. Originally a native of Vermont, he is now based out of Pennsylvania. A great way to get acquainted with Pastor Peter Unger’s music is through his new single, "Song for Peace."

“Song for Peace” commences with fingerpicking on a 12-string, nice melodic phrasing on electric guitar and a mellow bass A tranquil feeling is created. The music breathes well creating a nice space for the vocals. The electric guitar work is very tasteful as gentle motifs fill in the peaceful music landscape. Peter enters singing, “In grief and anger the mother cried. For your war my son has died.” Peter sings the meaningful lyrics with a genuine tenderness that touches the heart. "Song for Peace" speaks of humanity’s perpetual history with hatred and war. “There's always been war. And war will always be.” The song moves towards the beautiful chorus after Peter sings, “And I heard a whisper in the wind…there’s a way for all this to end.” The chorus appears like a dove or a warm light and washes over you with the words of peace: “Shalom, Salam, Pace, Nabadda, Shanti." These are words you can sing along with. Each word sounds beautiful and promising.

Take a moment to watch the video, "Memories of God"

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, “Song for Peace” is a universal message of peace and hope that everyone can embrace. “There's a way for this all to end Leave hatred's lessons in the past and see You'll set your children free.”

Pastor Peter Unger’s music can be found on Reverbnation and most major digital outlets including Amazon, Tunecore and others.

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