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  • Bryon Harris

Cardboard Rocketship - "Portraits"

Based out of Brooklyn New York, Cardboard Rocketship is 4-member contemporary folk group that sizzles with unique instrumentation, inviting vocals, great story-telling and good vibes. The band tours regularly around New York offering energetic performances that will leave you with a life-is-just-so-good feeling. The quartet consists of Will Davis on banjo and vocals; Roxanne Quilty, vocals; Vincent Cinque on guitar; and Tallie Gabriel on cello. Vincent and Tallie also sing backup vocals.

"Portraits" of their EP Better, opens with upbeat banjo strumming played by Will. There’s a bounce created by the syncopation of the strumming that will get you grooving along. Usually the banjo is heard plucking so to hear it strummed tastefully with strong rhythmic sensibilities is a real treat. Light rhythm guitar joins in adding a nice balance to the rhythm mix. Longer phrasing on the cello produces a drone-like quality with plenty of breathing room. As the verses build, the cello starts jamming along in eighths with great precision. The energy created by this quartet is truly contagious and their rhythmic stylings shine throughout. The vibe is full of life, playful and energetic on "Portraits".

Roxanne and Will enter singing in a duet fashion - they sound wonderful together. Very in synch, their natural voices are expressive and inviting. Mid-way, an instrumental interlude creates an engaging change-up. Here Roxanne and Vincent depart from the bustling lyrics and sing vocalese in “ooo’s , the banjo breaks it down with some traditional fingerpicking, and the cello takes a melodic solo. With instrumental and vocal versatility and fluidity, the changeup keeps you at the edge of your seat. Soon the song returns to its hand clapping fire.

Check out the video of "Portraits"

At it’s heart, “Portraits” is about chance encounters. Life is moving in so many directions and sometimes you stumble upon someone who intrigues you. Next, you’re trying to find the words to approach them. You get up the guts (with a little help from some whiskey), and soon this encounter is all you can think about. “We move in so many directions…I stumbled into you.” With life moving in so many directions and so much music to choose from, stumbling into a great song can feel as exhilarating as a chance encounter - Cardboard Rocketship is a group you can stumble into and fall in love with. With strong Americana and folk feel-good vibes, engaging instrumentation (who would have guessed the banjo and the cello could sound so good together!), inviting vocals, down-to-earth stories and energy to burn, Cardboard Rocketship will surely blast off in the folk scene and around the world.

For more information on Cardboard Rocektship, please visit their website.

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