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  • Bryon Harris

DL Moreno 'Show Me feat. KevinK'

DL Moreno is an indie hip-hop/EDM artist, singer/songwriter base out of Bakersfield, CA. In just two short years, DL has had notable success on the charts. His debut single “Savage ft. Trey Songz” topped the Digital Radio Tracker landing in the Top 50 R & B & Hip-Hop Chart at #9. The song also went all the way to #3 on the Top 150 Independent Charts.

Keeping the momentum strong, DL released another hit single on March 1, 2019 titled “Show Me ft. KevinK.” The song was produced by Kevin Hues & Oso Familiar; it was mixed/mastered by Dave Fore of Orange Octane; and written and co-produced by DL Moreno.

DL Moreno’s “ShowMe featuring KevinK” is the type of bop that you play once and are immediately hooked on its sound. It kicks off with a haunting, melodic arrangement with music-box-like tones accompanied by hollow synths and deep sub-bass making for a track that sounds like Travis Scott would jump in without hesitation. The sound is FM radio-ready and you can hear why DL charts with his signature polished sound.

With the entrance of the drums, KevinK basically kills it on the chorus with smooth vocals and a flow that he pulls off with ease giving full attention to DL’s addicting melodies. Following up, DL spits bars, like the best in league that he is, about a bad babe who’s on the grind and doesn’t have time for no lames. The way DL and Kevin work with the beat is proof of their expertise in the field as hip-hop performers and songwriters.

“ShowMe ft KevinK” is told from the perspective of a “hustler.” His girlfriend is a confident exotic dancer who he respects. She gets what she wants. He knows that she is selling a fantasy to the audience and at the same time, he knows that later, at home, they will play out their own fantasies. “Hop in the rolls, I’m comin’ home to you. You know what I want. You gotta show me something”

Take a minute to listen to the so ng on youtube.

“Show Me ft. KevinK’ is a hot track that will keep DL Moreno rising to the top. DL Moreno is a true stand-out in today's crowded hip-hop scene and he’s shows you why in “Show Me.”

For more on DL Moreno, visit him on SoundCloud or follow him on Instagram or Twitter at @dlmorenomusic.

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