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Scott Zartman - "The Longer We Wait"

Hailing from Hanover, Pennsylvania, Scott Zartman is an indie singer-songwriter who writes heartfelt lyrics to catchy melodies. Scott remembers hearing the Beatles at a young age, grabbing a candle holder and using it as a fake microphone – this was an early sign of things to come. In his teen years, he gravitated towards harder rock with groups like KISS. Inspired by these music icons, he taught himself how to play guitar by the age of 14. Shortly after, he discovered his voice, lyrically and musically, and wrote his first song. He confesses these days of being more like Brian Wilson of legendary Beach Boys fame writing tunes in the studio behind the scenes. "Sometimes you can't tell it's only me. I've made a point to make it sound like a whole band." This year, Scott released his second musical opus, Making Up For Lost Time consisting of 15 songs. Scott’s sound crosses over many genres including pop, rock and folk; there are even two spiritual selections that have been used in Church settings. Off the album is his new single is titled “The Longer We Wait.”

The engaging intro to “The Longer We Wait” starts with rockin’ and snazzy solo percussion that sets an upbeat groove that you can really get into. Wavy guitar chords come in, each chord strummed on the first beat of the bar. Low-fi horn melodies, guitar fills and snyth keys blend into the mix creating a pop-rock vibe. Scott creates an expansive sound palette for a solo, singer-songwriter using a combination of organic guitar and synth.

Guitar arpeggio’s and fills complete the introduction as Scott starts singing. His voice is easily relatable with a tenor tone that sounds natural and even humble to a degree; he can sing in an upper register without having to use falsetto for a vocal presentation that is intimate and very expressive. My favorite verse is when Scott sings, “I think I’m funny; you disagree. You never liked my jokes, but you dig me.” That line captures Scott's authenticity. Staying true to Scott’s knack for writing strong hooks, the chorus in “The Longer We Wait” is well-written and really cathcy. Its builds up nicely from the verses with stronger guitar strumming. “But the longer we wait, every chance we hesitate is another day our hearts will know the truth. Are the words so hard to find that we’d leave it all behind When a love like ours would never need the proof”

“The Longer We Wait” is about recognizing that something could be real and not holding back. When something feels amazing, you can stir the pot patiently or you can go for it. Sometimes two people are on the same page and sometimes they're not. You experience that first kiss and feel crazy about the other person who may not be ready to admit their feelings and you are hoping they put their hesitations aside and take a chance on love. Themes include not caring about what others think, letting go, living in the present and falling in love.

Scott Zartman writes melodies that you’ll be humming in your head long after you’ve hear them. He is a genuine and authentic songwriter who captures slice-of-life emotions and puts them into songs that are universally relatable.

For more information on Scott, please visit his Hear Now Site

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