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Kristin Rebecca - Siren's Call

Award-winning artist Kristin Rebecca is a very unique folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her voice has been described as both powerful and angelic. As an instrumentalist, she captivates audiences with engaging guitar rhythms and a noted versatility on harp. As a songwriter, Kristen is a storyteller who delivers personal insights and universal observations; her thoughtful lyricism and poetic expression draws you in. Kristin is a nationally touring artist who performs over 120 shows each year. Her new single titled Siren’s Call will take you to a new world, the world of the sea, where you will be washed away by her mezmerizing performance.

Sirens Call commences with a mysterious and pretty phrase that sounds like fluid musical drops falling into a deep sea. Soon these delicate musical notes, played in an upper register, double rhythmically then double again, until the harp is moving rapidly. Kristin’s playing is captivating - the notes flow from her fingers like magic. Soon Kristin adds another voice on the harp, in the tenor register; now the composition is in a round, weaving several voices until they land on a chord in unison. This beautiful tapestry sets the stage for Kristen's voice.

Kristen sings, “Listen to a tale an old sailor told me about his ship that wrecked. The only survivor was he.” Her soprano voice is inviting and warm; her clear and articulate tone invites listeners into the story. Kristin is a passionate story weaver who creates imagery you can get lost in. The fantasy world of “Siren’s Call” is a sea journey from long ago with crashing waves and jagged rocks. It’s too late to turn around, but there is hope. The promise of white sands calls in the distance. In the chorus, Kristen sings: "They heard a song on the wind. Listen to my call if safety’s what you seek. Follow my voice to white sandy shores where you can rest in peace" There is a universal message of overcoming obstacles and hope. Kristen does a nice job of separating the verses from the chorus with a changeup on the harp from arpeggios to stoic, rolled chords.

“Siren’s Call” offers a stirring and vivid interpretation with winds of Celtic, ancient folk and sea shanty that transports you from rocky sea waves to the white sandy shores of peace with a beautiful and warm soprano voice, a mesmerizing ancient sea story, and the flowing sounds of the harp in the hand's of an accomplished songstress.

Meet Kristin Rebecca:

For more information on Kristin Rebecca, please visit her website.

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