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Dante Palminteri - 'Miles Apart'

American singer-songwriter and actor Dante Palminteri spent his childhood between the east and we coast. Having anxiety and dyslexia, he found solace in an unexpected space - written word. In his younger years, he wrote about heartbreak and defying the status quo. His songwriting took him all the way to Berklee College of Music. He released his debut EP From Me to You in January 2018. He then spent a year exploring his roots and released 'Beautiful,' a playful day-dreamy track inspired by the simple day-to-day realities of being in a relationship. Dante has toured extensively across the Tri-State area from Feinstein’s 54Below & Arlene’s Grocery, to Rockwood Music Hall & Bethlehem Musikfest where he is known for giving his audience an up-front and personal show where he holds nothing back.

Dante’s dropped a new single today, March 15th, titled “Miles Apart.” "Miles Apart" is a great way to introduce yourself to Dante’s undeniable talent.

“Miles Apart” opens with gentle guitar picking accompanied by wavy, melodic synth ambiance. A nice soft groove created with light percussion. Soon Dantes enters the mix on the first verse. As soon as you hear Dante’s pop radio-ready voice, your ears will be sold. Dante has amazing vocals. His tenor tone is crystal- clear as he sings, “You’re my one only so why am I so lonely.” The mix is great with stellar production work that brings Dante’s vocals forward.

As the verses develop, the track builds very nicely towards the well-conceived chorus. “I can keep my eyes staring back into yours even after the room goes dark. I can keep my fingers tracing over your skin even after we’re miles apart.” Dante paints the mood of the story very well. There is a feeling of loss when the lights of a relationship start to dim. The person you loved doesn't just disappear. They are still in your heart and Dante captures this "in-between" feeling in both the lyrics and the music of "Miles Apart." The feeling is one of distance and no longer feeling connected.

Lyrically, Dante has a knack for describing the small life details that make a song personal and relatable. “Mid-day in sweatpants Take out over romance “ and he gets under the emotional surface with honesty, “It doesn’t hurt less to call you heartless, but it gives me something to do.” His intimate writing gives his music substance. Dantes’ songs and singing can stand toe to toe with charting artists today. His sound is highly polished and his lyrics and performance are down-to-earth and relatable -this is a winning combination. To listen to more of Dante’s music, please visit his website

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