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Sharon Lia Band - 'Why Can't We Pretend'

The Sharon Lia Band features lead singer and songwriter Sharon Lia accompanied by guitarist Rick Jannotti and drummer Howie Fallon. Sharon was named "Best Female Artist of the Year" at the 2018 Josie Music Awards and the band won their first “Breakout Artist” competition in 2014. The Sharon Lia Band tours the mid-Atlantic captivating crowds from New Jersey to New Orleans with Sharon’s powerhouse octave-leaping vocals, textured piano melodies and driving rock guitars. Her songs reflect baroque pop, mainstream rock and alternative influences. In 2017 Sharon was named 2017 Pop/Contemporary Artist of the Year at the prestigious Josie Music Awards in Nashville, TN. The band has recorded wtih Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum engineer and producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots). From their collaborations with Ivory came their single “Anomie”, Sharon Lia’s most raw song to date, released January 2018. The band hit the road soon after with an opening slot for national-touring indie rockers Lydia in Albany, NY, two sets at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE and a slot at the Ladybug Festival. Later they released their next single, a tongue-in-cheek take on the pop genre entitled “Thirty Dirty Secrets” about dating in the modern world, with both singles being considered for a Grammy®. Sharon is founder of her charitable foundation “Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause”, a music-driven organization inspired by her own battle with cancer. Sharon’s latest single “Why Can’t We Pretend” is a great way to introduce yourself to Sharon’s monumental talents.

“Why Can’t We Pretend” opens with a mellow melody on the keyboard and a few sparse chords. Sharon enters tenderly with a reflective tone that is crystal clear, “I faded into nightfall, deep like winter. Where my shallow breathing almost did me in. And when I woke, my body changed forever. Had I known whould I have never let them in.” Soon strings enter the enchanting arrangement and the song gradually adds orchestrated phrasing. Throughout the composition, the orchestration is well-conceived.

As the verses build, the song arrives at a full power-house chorus delivered by a heartfelt, dynamic vocal performance - Sharon shows that she is a singer who can take you from an introspective, delicate moment to a full-scale fall-on-your knees emotionally gripping chorus without ever letting you fall. She has a full dynamic range and an expansive and expressive emotional pallete to draw from. The song’s arrangement follows Sharon’s musical sensibilities moving from haunting piano melodies to lush, orchestrated sections, from intimate to bold and reserved to expressive.

Please take a moment to watch the video of "Why Can't We Pretend"

There’s a deeply emotional quality to Sharon’s voice as she sings about pain and remorse and the hollow feeling of actions and consequences. Ultimately this is a song about an experience that has changed you to your core and Sharon reaches deep into her core to deliver this performance. It’s about healing and scars, darkness and light. “Why Can’t We Pretend” touches uponuniversal feelings of wishing something life-changing never happened. Sharon Mia is an artist who takes what is locked deep in the heart and unlocks it musically for herself, and for all of us.

For more information on sharon Lia Band, please visit their website. Promotions & Distribution provided by Bongo Boy Music Group / Bongo Boy Records

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