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Joey Stuckey Trio - You’re So Wrong

Joey Stuckey is an acclaimed and accomplished veteran in the music industry. He possesses over 20 years of experience as a producer, educator, sound engineer, journalist, recording artist and media personality. He is the Official Music Ambassador for his hometown of Macon, Georgia and Professor of Music Technology at Mercer University. Joey studied music business and music composition at Mercer University and Berklee, in addition to studying arranging/composition with David Berger and guitar with Stanley Jordan. Joey keeps a full schedule as a commercial studio owner, music producer and music business consultant, while also working hard to make music and music technology accessible to all—a role he is uniquely qualified to undertake as a blind brain tumor survivor. In one of his numerous roles in the music industry, Stuckey has worked with such renowned artists as James Brown, Trisha Yearwood, Ted Nugent, Bad Company, Smash Mouth, Mike Mills (REM), Alan Parsons, Ross Hogarth, Ryo Okumoto, Nick D’Virgilio, the B52s, Randall Bramblett, Paul McGuinness, Jimmy Herring, Jimmy Hall, Allen Vizzutti, Shannon Forrest, Mark Hornsby, Sammy Nestico, David Berger, Stanley Jordan, Billy Duff, Danny Seraphin, Kevin Kenney, Lee Brice, and many more.

Joey has released a new album titled In The Shadow Of The Sun filled with impressive songwriting and great musicianship. Off the album comes the chart-sounding alt-Americana single “You’re So Wrong.” If you are just getting acquainted with Joey’s music, this song is a great way to discover his talent. Joey wrote and produced the song. The Joey Stuckey trio includes Joey on lead and backing vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar; Nestor Jaenz on bass, backing vocals and keys; and Charles Arnold on drums. “Your So Wrong” starts with light distorted guitar then breaks into an Americana-Rock groove with a great drum beat. Tuneful melodic lead guitar riffs play against the distorted rhythm guitar. The trio has a nice live sound. Joey enters singing the first verse, “So many nights, we’re up late fighting. Wrong or right, I always give in. It’s just easier to let you win. But, tonight’s different, tonight it ends.” Joey has a great down-to-earth vocal. His singing is expressive and well-articulated as he digs into the lyrics with just the right amount of edginess and expression.

The chorus of “You’re So Wrong” is catchy; it will stick with you long after you’ve heard it. “You’re so wrong Darlin’ that I wrote this song ‘cause I thought that you should know, this time I’m really gone.” In the bridge section, the mix clears the path for a more reflective tone. “I’m leaving all your craziness behind. I’m moving onto better times.” A tasteful jamming guitar solo is fun to listen to and fits the song perfectly.

Please take a moment to check out the video!

Lyrically “You’re So Wrong” has some truly great lines like “You’re gonna find I’ve grown a spine.” You can tell that Joey was having fun writing the words while at the same time, he goes under the surface with honest lyrics. The song tells a story about something many musicians know too well – the difficulty of being in a relationship while pursuing a career in music and traveling on the road. A broader theme explores the desire to walk away when you are not being treated well or appreciated and how hard it can be to let go. "You’re So Wrong" is very well-written with a highly memorable hook and universal lyrics about love and letting go. There will always be relationship hardships in the music industry and there will always be those moments when it’s time to throw in the towel and walk away making this song timeless and highly relatable.

For more information on Joey Stuckey please visit his website.

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