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  • Bryon Harris

Lumisaeris - 'The One'

Lumisaeris (pronounced loomis-airess) is a solo, female electronic artist who just started in January 2019. She writes, produces, sings and plays multi instruments: harp and keyboard. Lumisaeris style is uniquely her own drawing upon what resonates with her for a sound that is universally appealing. In her music, Lumisaeris experiments with a diverse range of ideas. She explores opposing forces, lyrically and sonically, combining diverse elements like gritty or harsh with soft. She also utilizes a multitude of genres into her tracks. A great way to get acquainted with this new electronica artist is through her new single, “The One.” The song “The One” commences with mesmerizing synth ambience. At its foundation there are long-held chords with delicate dancing melodic notes on the sixteenth. Lumisaeris sings gently above the ethereal mix. She has a natural voice for vocal ambient electronica. Her tone is pure and clear. She sings, "The one who wasn't there. The one who was everything. I wanted I imagined all so real, I thought I heard you call did you fall again." The lyrical lines are flowing.

Lumisaeris creates a mysterious landscape. As the track moves forward percussion is added and a light electronic groove is established. The chorus is very memorable. “Run my love. fly away my dove, fly away. “ About half way through, the arrangement takes a quick pause and goes down to a sparse melody on the keys. A lower bass line begins, almost like a cello, and it resonates at the bottom showcasing Lumisiaeris’ usage of opposing elements. At the end, the haunting lyrics “Find the one, Find the one” are repeated. Opposing forces are explored throughout: good vs. evil, dark vs. light, chaos vs. harmony. “The One” is essentially a love song and the statement is that true love is worth fighting for.

Lumisaeris is off to a great start with her debut "The One'. She creates a musical landscape using many colors and textures from flowing gentle melodic vocal lines to punctuated piano sixteenths to resonating bass lines and light rhythmic percussion; it's a captivating performance.

You can connect with Lumisaeris, please visit her on Instragram.

Listen to her track on Spotify.

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