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  • Bryon Harris

FSG Rell - 'Fed Up'

Hailing from Pottstown, PA outside Philly, FSG Rell is a rapper for the masses. He’s been making music since he was 14 years old and it shows. He has honed his skill and songwriting into the kind of stuff that hit songs are all about. Fans and the music industry are taking notice. It is no surprise that he landed a meeting with Atlantic Records. Rell has released several mixtapes including "FMB", "No Lookin Back" and "Highschool Debut". His latest single “Gucci Prada Fendi” is out on all platforms and has been on national radio. FSG Rell has been interviewed by DJ Smallz Eyes, Saycheese digital, and various radio stations around the nation. His single "Fed Up" is a great way to get acquainted with FSG Rell's contagious sound.

Commencing with some upward whirling synth, deep syncopated sub-bass and light snazzy percussion, an instant addictive and upbeat groove is created in “Fed Up.” Dahlia Marie enters singing with a voice that has charting quality. “I was down for you since day one. You acting like I ain’t the same one who helped you grow, but it’s cool ima let you know that I’m doing my thing without you…” Her smooth tone and clear confidence is absolutely radio-ready. Next, the chorus comes in to seal the deal - this is a hit song. “And it’s a fact baby baby, you know I’m wavy Boy. I’m Fed up, fed up, fed up with you Boy. I’m fed up fed up fed up with you. Boy I’m fed up, fed up, I’m fed up with you Boy. I’m Fed up, fed up, fed up with you Boy. I’m fed up fed up fed up with you, Boy. I’m fed up, fed up, I’m fed up with you.” This hook is downright contagious, and it expresses a universal feeling that a lot of women will love to sing along with. Who hasn’t been fed-up with their man at some point? And what man doesn't have something to say about it? There are two sides to every story.

But wait – this track gets even hotter and the hit potential goes through the roof when dynamic rapper FSG Rell enters to tell his side of the story. “All new paint on da whip das Maaco (whip whip) I jus came wit the Draco / Raised by the streets but a nigga still faithful / I’m gettin tired of da everyday labels / Girl get what you want bring it up…” FSG has a great flow. His natural, charismatic talent commands the track with skill and an unusually good pop sensibility that makes him a rapper for the masses. In other words, FSG Rell has star potential. He can make it big. Add FSG Rell to your playlist and your watchlist. Most of his music is recorded at Rotation Records and The Notorious Quad Studios. FSG Rell is managed by Dante George aka "FSG Tae". His music can be found on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and all major music platforms.

Check out FSG Rell on Spotify.

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