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  • Bryon Harris

Bundy - 'Hazmat'

Bundy is a young, 21-year-old artist hailing from Seattle. He started making beats in high-school, but only recently decided to pursue music professionally. His first mixtape called "Saiyan Sauce" was well-received; Bundy followed up with his latest album The Bundy Experience. The project was inspired by his late cousin Jimi Hendrix. Yes, you heard that correctly. Bundy is related to the legendary Hendrix. Hendrix was a big proponent of being comfortable in your own skin and living authentically; this inspired Bundy to express himself, as an artist, without reservation. The Bundy Experience explores the artists’ inner thoughts, allowing for an experience that goes beneath what the outside world sees. Off The Bundy Experience comes the contagious hit-making single, “Hazmat.”

Bundy’s song Hazmat is an energetic and addictive track that will immediately grab you with its radio ready sound. The song kicks off showcasing the beat comprised of electronic-style vocals samples, bass, and ambient synth. The instrumentals alone are enough to keep you listening but once the beat drops and the sub bass kicks in, Bundy’s terrific flow seals the deal as he raps the hook, "Shawty know that ass fat she make that ass clap she can go head throw it round yea she throw that ass back shawty see the money in the air you know she grab that hold up shawty where u goin, bring it back.” That hook will definitely stick with you and Bundy is a complete natural at his craft. Coming in on the second verse Skipp keeps the track engaging as the two rappers display immense talent.

Check out the videoto get aquainted with Bundy:

Bundy is following some big footsteps. His musical lineage has provided the inspiration to yield great results and he clearly has his own voice as an artist express and does so incredibly well. Bundy has written the type of song you know is a banger the first time you hear it. With songs like this we are hyped to hear more from Bundy in the future.

Check out his latest tracks on Spotify.

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