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  • Bryon Harris

Steven Chesne - “Nyansapo: The Wisdom Knot”

Steven Chesne is a prolific, award-winning and chart-topping composer. His vast library encompasses symphonic, historical and world music. His music has been heard in film and in more than 300 episodes of prime-time television including “Batman: the Animated Series,” “Family Man,” “Family Matters,” “Getting By,” “Girls Across the Lake,” “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,” “The Hogan Family,” “Kirk,” “Life Happens,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Step by Step,” “Two of a Kind,” and “Valerie.” He has also scored 17 theatrical art-house works. His orchestral concert works include four symphonies, two concertos, two orchestral suites and two tone-poems; he has also composed for string quartet, woodwind ensemble, theater and ballet. His works has been performed by The Ventura Symphony, The L.A. Modern String Orchestra, The Los Angeles Ars Symphonia Orchestra, The La Mirada Symphony, Mehli Mehta’s American Youth Symphony, as well as by members of The Los Angeles Philharmonic, The L.A. Chamber Orchestra, The Hollywood Bowl.

In 2017, Steven began a musical journey like no other. Researching text and words of peace from Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Mohammed, the Sikhs, the Hindu, the Jews, the Cheyenne, the Kikuyu, and the Baha’i, Steven set out to heal the world through the universal language of music. He put his 30 years’ experience as a composer, artist, engineer and collaborator into one masterpiece called “Sapient: A Cantata of Peace.” Each track on the album is a musical interpretation of an ancient lesson on peace. The album culminates with “Nyansapo: The Wisdom Knot” which is a great way to dive into the deep well of music and message found on the album.

“Nyansapo: The Wisdom Knot” starts with a grounded and moving cello line on the downbeat set to orchestration. Like the sunrise, a melodic line heard above ties the grounded harmonic structure together changing on the whole note for long, peaceful phrasing. The sound is familiar, almost like an organ in an entrance hall. The music opens the door with a call to listen and unite. A deeply peaceful and respectful space is created. There is a feeling of awe. The first voice comes in and a joyful essence washes over you. Soon more voices join singing in their native tongue.

Each voice is a diverse music and cultural messenger for the ears and the heart. Different vocal performances are woven together. Some voices are chant-like. Other voices are smooth and angelic. Some are rhythmic with accented articulations. There are male voices and female voices, soprano and bass, young and old. Every voice has one thing in common – a purpose. The counterpoint is gentle and flowing, it ebbs and flows, creating a mesmerizing sonic template. Chesne has given each and every note his full attention paying deep respect to the origins of the lyrics. It is no easy task having ten voices weave in and out of one space, giving each voice their due time and attention, Steven pulls it off with polish. In the following video, Steven talks about the making of "The Wisdom Knot"

"The Wisdom Knot" is a musical peace tapestry of ten of the world's major cultures sewn together by a masterful, and genuinely reverent, composer who has brought together the colors, textures, voices and instrumentation of ancient traditions to create a work of art that is as beautiful, moving and authentic as the message it conveys; “Nyansapo: The Wisdom Knot” is more than music - it is hope. For more information on Steven Chesne, pelase visit his website.

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